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There is no better joy than finding yourself amid the piles of pages which speak nothing but poetry… yes, the best and closest to the heart form of creative writing is poetry, indeed! And this is the month of August and we are (in India) are enjoying rains as well as getting worried by it too. The world is strange and all the insanity of this world can surely not be written in words but we can always try. I am happy to announce to the readers of Ashvamegh that we have included two special poems on rains in this issue. More than that, we are also happy to introduce some new and young poets. In short, this issue is dedicated to the celebration of poetry in the month of August.

Other than the poetry issue, I would love to talk about some other things related to literature. August came as a surprise to me as I got to read some of the very good books. Far from the usual drab, these books really transported me into some different kind of ‘readers’ utopia’. Real issues; real themes; reader friendly plot and a really good story – this is what makes a book read-worthy and I would like to mention a really good book – Shilpa Raj’s The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter.

You can read the review of that book included in this issue as well. I hope you enjoy reading whatever you find for this month. I always encourage people to send meaningful submissions to Ashvamegh any time, any day! Take care and enjoy reading!


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