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JULY 2017

Hello, dear readers of Ashvamegh! I had a great month reading, writing, managing and planning. And I do hope all of you must have had the superb month as well. 15 July has come and I am here again, presenting to all my readers another issue of Ashvamegh and it has marked our 20th successful issue in a row! Thanks for the continuing and widening readership, friends and also big thanks to all those contributors who have made it possible! I am truly enthusiastic about this literary journey in which we have come so far. I am confident this will continue as ever. And on this great day, I have some announcements to make.

Ashvamegh has found the mediums to fund its literary journey and that’s why I am announcing to make the research paper publication free of any cost, how much minimal it might be! Now the research scholars and academicians won’t have to pay a penny to get their research papers published in Ashvamegh!

In the current issue – July 2017, I am happy to present some newly found talents in the field of creative writing. The featured poet for this month, Megha, is a talented poet in making. A student of the masters degree, her poetry is amazing and I hope readers will like her works. I would also like the readers to pay attention to the poems of Jude Cowan, a British poet, who has written wonderfully about the simple events she witnessed in India during her Goa tour. I congratulate all other contributors who are published in this issue.

As always, I will be hoping for your continued readership and support for Ashvamegh!

Alok Mishra

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