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MARCH 2017

After September 2014, there was no academic pressure over me. I have completed my masters in English Literature and secured good marks (in fact, the topper in my batch). Some months were just like the freedom after being caged for so long and I just did not bother to study anything, even leisurely! However, when I got back to my library and revisited the books (without any academic goal), the reading was entirely different! I could see and decode what was previously unseen and encoded perennially. Inspired, I read most of the syllabus items again and found out many new dimensions which were resting in different corners during the academic years. The moot point is – yes, certainly, there are different circumstances which condition our reading of literature. The academic reading, from a student’s point of view, in most of the cases is certainly shrunk and limited to only the ‘directed’ spheres. However, once a person has completed the desired educational years, he or she is free to explore the hidden dimensions and of course, the mind of the reader walks in all the directions with a certain liberty. I thought to share my experience with the readers of Ashvamegh and I will warmly welcome your experience which you can communicate to me directly.

The readers in India have recently seen one more of the many festivals that we celebrate in our country – Holi. Holi is just like the golden treasury offering something for everyone out there. I wish them all the belated happy holi!

In this issue, Ashvamegh is hosting pj johnson, the poet laureate of Yukon, Canada, as the featured poet. I thank her for this. I hope, like our previous issues, the readers will like March 2017 issue as well. Don’t forget to post your comments on the poems and short stories you like.

With wishes & love,

Alok Mishra

March 15, 2017

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