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Dear readers,
with our new design, we have made it easy for our visitors to browse and navigate through our issues. As we have now a better server and adequate resources, we will keep all our issues online in pdf as well as online version, readable and accessible anytime, anywhere. In simple terms, now you will be able to find every issue in web-format and pdf, the both. Just explore the ‘Archives’ page, and you will be able to see the downloadable issues and links to previous issues to read online. We were thinking of this idea since long, as we wished to keep all the precious poems and stories sent to us online forever. Finally, we are able to do it. Below, after the editorial, you will find the links to read the poems, stories, articles and interviews published in the current issue.

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MAY 2017

There are no many days of happiness in life if we go by the readings of John Keats. Nevertheless, he is the same person who doesn’t fail to tell us that life is beautiful for what it is and living it to the full should be our motive. John Keats, for most of us, was a wonderful poet and most of us agree that he should have lived some more! Suddenly I remembered John Keats because I am going to tell me readers about something very impressive, related to book and library. If you haven’t already heard, we have been in latest partnership with India Book Club and their regional associates. India Book Club is a pan-India movement dedicated to serious reading and they are looking for their reach across the country. Anyone who is serious about reading books can become a member of the club depending on the availability of the regional branches. If it’s not already there, anyone can desire to start one in his or her location. For more details on the book club and regional information, please visit India Book Club. Currently, they are operating in Patna, Kolkata, Delhi and Bodhgaya. I am also a member of the Patna Book Club! Discussing books and various of their aspects with the like-minded fellows is something wonderful which I always aspire for!

Moreover, the May 2017 issue of Ashvamegh is a dedicated poetry edition. We are feeling enthusiastic to announce that we have published poets from various regions in this issue. India and other locations’ poets have registered their presence. We have published Duane Locke, the celebrated USA poet as one of our featured poets along with Felino Soriano. We have also introduced some of the younger talents. I hope you will like what we have done. From the next issue, things will be normal with short stories back on the board.

I also got a chance to interview pj johnson, the first official poet laureate appointed by the Canada Government (Yukon). You can read her interview, along with Duane Locke, on my special platform dedicated to literary conversations only – Author Interviews.

Enjoy the summer, dear readers, wherever it has come! Keep writing and keep reading.

With wishes & love,

Alok Mishra

May 15, 2017

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