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How & When Did The Ashvamegh Fly?

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Opening remarks… in the words of Alok Mishra (Founder & Editor-in-Chief)

“They mocked us when we buckled down; they frowned on us when we moved some steps on the shaky land; they wondered when we garnered our ‘first impressions’; they admired as we continued the path of success. Now I hold it right, being stubborn at times is way better than being submissive and listening ‘a lot’ to ‘them’!” 

The Story of Inception:

Founded on 12th January 2015, Ashvamegh is a monthly journal-cum-magazine. Ashvamegh stands for the flying horse or the pegasus. We have given a subheading to Ashvamegh ‘the literary flight…’ which complements its heading. Just like the Pegasus, Ashvamegh aims at keeping the flight of literature always on the height that it deserves.

The Advisory Board

As you know that Ashvamegh thrives on its international diversity in advisory and editorial panels, it becomes necessary for us to introduce our visitors to the greats of their fields. Take a look at the advisory board of Ashvamegh. The members own experience, prestige, and fame in their respective fields.

Important Members of The Ashvamegh Family