Interviews of Authors and Poets by Alok Mishra

Writing always feels good; reading is even more pleasant; talking with the writer is above all! We have decided to seek best and emerging writers, authors and poets, and talk to them. Our Editor-in-Chief, Alok Mishra, will speak with authors, poets and literary figures from around the world; we will place that talk here for your readership. We hope this venture will let our readers know more about the authors and the process of writing any creative piece of art – be that poetry, novel, critique or any other. Reading the talk of a poet will inspire many aspiring poets. Overall, we think this addition will add a good touch to our journal. Initiated reluctantly, the inclusion of the poet interviews idea has added a golden touch to Ashvamegh journal. Till the date, many authors and poets interviews have appeared successfully. We believe in bringing out the voices – the voices of the creators themselves! The concept of poets interview, along with the authors, also take into account that we pick up literary figures from every corner of the world. From India, Europe, Australia, the Third World nations, the African figures… simply every aspect of English literature is to be explored. Until now, we are going steady with confidence. If you want authors and poets interviews to be included, you can always write on the below-mentioned page.

What Alok has to say on these interviews?

“What else could I offer other than the adjectives pleasant and exciting? Talking to the master of words, the craftsmen of fiction and maestros of narrative gives me insight into their life, works and things they do to further refine their art. I always love to get their message for those young and talented who also want to explore the field of literature. I hope this feature of author interviews at Ashvamegh delights the readers and brings them closer to the world of writing.”

List of Interviews: (click the names to open interviews)

Abhay K (Poet)

Alan Britt (Poet & Academician)

Apryl Baker (NYT Bestselling Novelist)

Arjun Kacper (Novelist)

Arbind Kumar Choudhary (Poet, interview done by Gautam Karmakar)

Bharath Krishna (Novelist)

Candice James (Canadian poet, Poet Laureate, New Westminster)

Diane Raptosh (American Poet, Poet Laureate, Idaho)

Dr Brian Mark Mandonça (interview done by Manjushree M)

Dr Tushar Dashora (Spiritual Author)

George Swede (Canadian Poet)

Geoff Herridge (Author of Self-improvement books)

Haribakth (Spiritual & Religious Author)

Kevin Kiely (Poet, United Kingdom)

Kunal Narayan Uniyal (Poet)

Larry Woiwode (American Author, North Dakota Poet Laureate)

Loretta Napoleoni (Italian Author & Journalist)

Louisa Calio (American Poet)

Madhav Mahidhar (Novelist)

Maria Tosti (Italian Poet)

Mary Harwell Sayler (Christian Author & Poet)

Mbizo Chirasa (Zimbabwean Poet)

Michael Judkins (American Poet)

Michelle Hartman (American Author & Poet)

Murray Alfredson (Australian Poet)

P Satyadeep (Novelist)

Patty Dickson Pickeza (American Novelist)

R W Haynes (American Poet & Literature Professor, retired)

Ravi Nambiar (Novelist & Short Story Writer)

Sudha Menon (interview done by Ananya Dhavan)

Sydney Lea (American Poet, Poet Laureate of Vermont)

Tim Gurung (Novelist, Hong Kong)

Travis Blair (Poet, American Poet)

V S Sury (Novelist & Non-fiction Writer)

Wally Swist (American Poet)


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