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Book Reviews : The important part of publishing venture

Once you develop the fancy of creative writing, naturally, the dream culminates in a published work. Seeing the imagination and labour in a published form is the wish that every writer nourishes. Once your book is published, the real hunt begins. Getting your book in the hands of your target audience is way difficult than publishing these days! Fortunately, there is something that can help you with this – book reviews. Yes, getting your book reviewed by expert reviewers, professionals, academic or creative journals, magazines, newspapers or from any source helps you a lot.

How can we help with book reviews?

Ashvamegh will help you with that. We offer free as well as promotional book reviews. You can send your books to us for reviews. We review all genres of writing. Poetry book, novels, novella, short stories, non-fiction, or anything you can write! We will be happy to have the chance to review your books. For the address to send your books for review or any inquiry, please use the form given below this section or on the contact us page.

As requested by most of the authors, we have added a premium book review service also to our list. As apparent, we receive too many books a month for review and it’s humanly not possible to review all those at once. Some of the authors are too eager to add another important review to their hard work – the published book! After series of meetings and discussions, we have added the PREMIUM BOOK REVIEW to our list of Author Promotion Services. Here is a glimpse of what you will be getting with the package:

  • Author Interviews

  • Book Reviews

  • Social Media Promotion

Read below some book reviews done at Ashvamegh.