Welcome to Ashvamegh, the literature magazine

We bring the best of the literature to you! We have done it for more than five years already. We will continue doing the same.

The Ashvamegh Story:

Have you come here seeking a platform that lets you have your say? You have reached your destination! Ashvamegh believes in the power of words. We know the worth of literature. We value writing and the writers. To materialise our love for literature, we have established Ashvamegh as an international journal of English Literature. Though we are well-aware of the fact that there are numerous journals of English Literature in India, yet, we have ventured into the field. Ashvamegh is not merely a journal publishing academic papers every month; we are a team of literary enthusiasts making efforts to promote the habit of writing and reading. Along with the academic, we also include best-picked creative writings in the form of poetry & short stories in the issues.

The Ashvamegh Publications:

We are a monthly journal-cum-magazine. We publish academic research papers, creative fiction (poetry, short stories), book reviews and interviews with the authors in our issues. We are open to unsolicited submissions 24X7.

The Ashvamegh Mission:

When we started back in January 2015, we had only one aim in our minds – gather the ‘wordwise’ creative and intellectual people at a platform – an abstract get-together of the intelligence. It would, in turn, unite the readers across the world with the authors and poets who contribute to Ashvamegh. In short, our e-literature magazine wishes to unite the readers, writers and the literature itself.

The Ashvamegh Author Solutions:

The publishing industry is seeing new talents in the field of writing every other day. These days, even more difficult than publishing is getting a book in the hands of the target readers. Book reviews are a great tool to deploy in such cases. Ashvamegh has established itself as one of the major book review platforms in India. We provide free book reviews as well as a complete author promotion package.

The Ashvamegh Interviews:

What else can enlighten more than learning how does a writer write? Alok Mishra, the founder, and Editor-in-Chief, interviews authors and poets across the globe. Started in July 2015, the Ashvamegh author interviews have set a class. Alok has interviewed some of the world popular literary personalities. He will keep doing so.

The Ashvamegh Guide for Literature Students:

We at Ashvamegh are the perennial learners of literature. Driving our learners’ job an extra mile, we have started to provide valuable notes for the students of English literature. The students taking on graduation or the masters level course can use this great service by The Ashvamegh Team.