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So, you are wondering about English Literature notes? You must have tried all those money-making websites who hide half (or more than half) their content and ask you to pay to view. The time is gone, and the wait is over. Ashvamegh has added the feature of English Literature notes in the forms of various articles on useful and most searched topics. You will get everything about English Literature here. Poetry, Novels, Drama, Essays and Criticism – any movement of English Literature will not remain untouched on Ashvamegh. On Ashvamegh, our expert panel will develop user-friendly and easy to understand articles for literature students. Just navigate down the page and you will see a list of articles posted on our website. Ashvamegh is very hopeful with this new feature. We wish to be of some help to the students of literature who look for literary notes on the internet. Most of the time, when it comes to finding resources about post-modern and contemporary English literature, the task becomes fairly difficult for the students. We have thought of this feature to bridge this gap as well. Ashvamegh will be bringing articles on modern literature and contemporary literary trends. Be it the theatre of the absurd or ‘no theory’ theory of the modern English criticism, you will get your resources here.

We also take inputs for literary articles from the readers directly! You can write to us demanding an article to be written and we will try our best to complete the articles within 3-4 days. Ashvamegh is managed and run by literature students and we always welcome contributions as well. If you think you can contribute your English literature notes to us, be sure to visit our ‘Contact us’ section and get in touch with us. We will get back to you shortly.

Moreover, for your queries about poems and their analysis or individual novels, you can always look at the blog of Alok Mishra himself. He often writes about popular poems, novels and dramas. On his blog, you will have many interesting and useful literary articles to broaden your literary sense.

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