WhatsApp Literature Groups

Important: We are no more entertaining new requests for addition to the group! You can join our online literature forum here: Literature Forum

Dear readers & contributors, we are happy to introduce our WhatsApp official platform for literary talks and discussions! The Ashvamegh Group, which you can join by sending a WhatsApp message to our number. Our Group is unique, beneficial as well as informative. Joined by literature students, academicians, poets, authors, literary enthusiasts, scholars and many other intellectual people, Ashvamegh Group will provide you with a platform where you can ask your questions, participate in discussions every Sunday, answers the questions raised by other members, get writing tips from the seniors and many other things you can do! Please keep in mind that to join the main group, you MUST have a literature background in academics (like graduation or post-graduation in English).
The transcripts of our Sunday discussions will be put online as memorandums so that visitors can see how our discussions go. On the other hand, the opinions might also be valuable for students who are looking for the concerned topic. Come, join Ashvamegh on WhatsApp and be a part of the thriving journey with us!

How to Join?

Please visit the Terms & Conditions page first, read our terms and conditions. If you think you are comfortable with them, you can find the method to join our group on the same page. Please visit: Terms, Conditions & Group Joining

Our Groups, Philosophy and the Way to Go…

Literary Junction: This group is our parent group. Members raise literary questions, answer raised questions, initiate a discussion topic, formally debate on a literary point and also participate in our Sunday Discussions.

The Passengers: This group is dedicated to knowing the members, getting together, sharing one’s literary tastes, sharing any major happening in the literary field and discussing one’s literary profession and ambition.

The Verse Train: This group is dedicated to those members who have a good hand at writing as well as the good taste of it. Members can share their short compositions in the group and appreciate, suggest improvements to others’ writings.

We hope you have got the philosophy behind our groups…

Find the transcripts of our Sunday discussions below:

11 September 2016
(Importance of Literature)

13 November 2016
(Global Literature)

18 September 2016
(Good Poetry & Bad Poetry)