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Dear future member, please read the page very carefully. In order to be a member of our group, you need to agree to all the terms mentioned below. At the bottom of this page, you will find the number on which you have to send a WhatsApp message. Failing to comply with any of the terms mentioned below will result in instant expulsion from the group without any explanation offered. Thanks!

Content Policies:

We Discuss: The group discusses anything related to mainstream English literature which is worth discussing! While regular discussions go on daily, Ashvamegh hosts Sunday discussions which also go on record. Topics for Sunday discussions are decided by us or by the group decision. Any member can raise any question anytime in the group. However, Sundays are reserved for the hosted discussions only.

Professional Language: Our group is meant for literary enthusiasts and there are teachers, students, professors, poets and other well-mannered people in the group. Any kind of abuse, derogatory remarks, foul language, offensive slangs and any other thing that is unprofessional are not allowed. Therefore, a member has to keep his or her language fair.

Originality: We don’t allow copy pastes from any websites or other groups or any otherwise. Any content you post in the group should be original, your personal thoughts and correctly written.

Media Files etc: We don’t allow group invites, website links, promotional stuff, images or videos or any other media files in the group. However, in necessary conditions, such as when demanded by the group admins or it’s an extreme necessity to prove any argument, related items might be allowed.

No Personal Chat: It’s not a personal chat room! We have a separate group for our members where they can get to know each other, discuss what they are reading, where they study or teach, academic stuff etc. which will allow them to socialize. New members will be introduced in this group only, not in the main group. Likewise, to share your short fiction writings (maximum 20 lines) with other members, we have a different group. Interested members who write poems or other flash fiction genre are welcome in that group as well.

Rules of Engagement:

Raising Questions: A member can raise any question related to mainstream English literature. Questions can be raised anytime and any day except Sundays which are reserved for the discussions hosted by Ashvamegh.

Answering Questions: Any member can answer a question asked by someone in the group. However, as earlier stated, we do not allow copy-pastes from the internet. A member needs to give his or her personal views on the question. If quotations are required, that can be fetched from any medium.

Discussions and Formal Debates: On Sundays or any other day, if a topic is being discussed, members need to be polite during the discussion. Disagree with an argument, not with the person who made it; likewise, members don’t have to debate with individuals, they have to debate with the ideas and propositions. Therefore, we request the members not to get personal during discussions.

Fair Use Policies:

Personal Data: Since we are looking up to be the best possible literature group available on WhatsApp, we also have to withhold that the members who are associated with the group should be comfortable about their personal data. Therefore, we are very strict about the unfair use of a member’s profile image or mobile number. We expect that the members who join us will take care of this.

Privacy: We respect the privacy of our members. Those who are in the group must not indulge in personal chat with a member if he or she does not provide their consent for the same in the group (The Passengers). Any member can reach us immediately if there is such a case. We will expunge the membership of any member who is found guilty of doing this.

Other Necessary Information:

Quick Dos and Don’ts:

You can: Raise a question, answer questions, raise a point related to literature, post your short works (in The Verse Train), and socialize with other members (in The Passengers)

You cannot: post images, post WhatsApp spins, post copy-paste messages, post web links, post group invites, post promotional stuff

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Come Join the Literary Junction, be one of The Passengers!

So, are you ready to join the group? Send us your name, location, educational qualification and current designation (position) on our official WhatsApp number: +91 7004831594. Do remember to mention that you have read and agreed to the terms. See you in the group!