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Arjun Kacper is an author who has written a crime thriller Deadliest Secret of Truth. More from him are forthcoming in this year and the next. He is 22 years old, a psychotherapist, born to a middle-class family in Hyderabad. He has undergone many hurdles during his childhood. The author, for the first time, has introduced a prequel trilogy book series and ”Deadliest Secret of Truth” is the first part. He is fond of fiction mystery thrillers since he was 8 years old. He fancies in a unique way to present interesting stories to the readers. He is also a good motivational speaker and he urges to dedicate mystery stories to readers.

Alok Mishra: Arjun, first things first, I am surprised why did you pick up an American set-up instead of an Indian one? What motivated you to take Deadliest Secret of Truth to the USA?

Arjun Kacper: Knowledge, invention, hard work, administration, leadership, criminal activities – these qualities were fabricated firmly and influenced whole world. ”Never trust anyone” was the critical rule they lay on, which freezes entire world by their creation and invention minds. This provoked me to shift my story to USA. I have seen many Indian readers were attracted to foreign authors because of their selection of scripts in a smile way. I urge to provide something in that direction to our Indian readers and Indians across the globe.  Some people have a unique mind to fancy their ideas and show those in reality. There is no rule as such that if we belong to a nationality, we need to be only here (in an abstract sense).  Every individual’s aim should be to show any talent to the whole world and get recognized. This was my main motive behind my script.

Alok Mishra: How did you maintain the deadliest secret to loom throughout the book and expose it only at the end? This was remarkable the way you have kept the story intriguingly moving…  

Arjun Kacper: Yes, thank you! Every individual wouldn’t vaunt their feelings or their secrets or sorrows in initial stage, individual will try and try until he accepts that he was about to lose. The similar way fictional characters were created in a sensible way, they were trying to stop or start what they need mostly, which ended up in remembrance of my fictional characters in one’s entire life.

Alok Mishra: What are your personal views on the character of Jasper? How exactly it happened that Jasper came to exist on the pages?   

Arjun Kacper: Family prestige, internal wars within family was one of the main element, where every individual fights. Sometimes parents face troubles because of their children or sometimes children droop by parent’s act. I have chosen the second option because children were never to face suffering from parents; they are born to lead and add elated life along with them. But everyone is not sufficiently lucky! Jasper’s character was main lead in entre novel which runs by this theme. Whereas Asher seems to be an elated as we talked before, but within a span, Asher unmasked his happy life and started to find what wrong happening within their family, promising his words to make Jasper out.

Alok Mishra: Since your novel implicitly underlines a difference between love and lust in the novel, I would like to know your views on the same. What’s there in Rob’s love and what’s there in Jasper’s love towards Sara?

Arjun Kacper: In the entire world, no one can at least define what love is? If you ask me? Absolutely it’s a need, to be emotionally balanced, adding it as a drive in our minds and it feed on you wholly. What we don’t hold on and what we strive for is exactly the same, we christened it as ”love”. Jasper was in the same strive and need for Sara. But Rob’s character was animated entirely opposite because he can feed on any other for his survival resulting in beneficiary or carrying. That made him to be a silent villain in this novel.

Alok Mishra: The novel lengths up to 64 chapters which, when we see, might seem longer. How did you manage to glue them altogether and turn 222 pages into a great crime thriller fiction?   

Arjun Kacper: It wasn’t so easy, I have penned it almost a year back and this story haunted me in my dreams, like when and how I am going to end it.  The thrilling experience after readers read was fantastic. I really had to judge everyone small to main lead character in my story because every character frivols away in my entire novels. Everything is for a purpose and every role has to do its job. Almost 30 characters were present in Deadliest Secret of Truth – small lead to main lead. Which was totally unusual to glue them in one single story which I handled it was a bit challenging.

Alok Mishra: How much part did your personal experience from a psychology background did play in this novel, Arjun?

Arjun Kacper: Yes, it played a key role, I was never a happy person or I will be. I was never satisfied with what my thoughts or experiences which strive to find real reason behind it. I never had friends or hangouts. I spent most of my time with me with and constantly repairing myself and with an aim that how can I vaunt my ideas to this world. I had undergone many struggles and very bad experienced hauled my entire life. I used to shed my tears to feel the pain of what my characters are undergoing. This is the reason why my characters never be happy or get a happy ending in my novels. If everyone were happy there is no history or mistakes, if you are unhappy you could know what makes to be happy being unhappy.

Alok Mishra: What is the best thing that you would like to tell the readers about your book? What makes this novel different from the other ones in crime thriller genre?  

Arjun Kacper: I wish to say to my readers that my stories are always very connecting to everyone’s life. I left no stone unturned in this novel. Unexpected sorrows which ravaged entire Collin’s family, almost every family had to undergo one day or other the consequences of evil things. There is the only chance you get to show your bond towards the family. This the main thing which entirely secludes my story with other thriller novels. Usually thriller novels carry a least character but my novel was balanced with every element to visualize it like a motion picture.

Alok Mishra: The next books in your series will be coming next year and then ahead. Do you have any hints for the readers about those books?  

Arjun Kacper: The biggest hints I have given to my readers revealing title of next book. Usually I never seen with any author revealing. Readers can put their trust entirely on me for giving masterpiece stories. Second part ”Secret Bed of Tears” is going to hit after a year. In the meantime, other thriller story ”GIFTED PRISON” is ready to hit this 2017.

Alok Mishra: Objectively, Arjun, how do you see the world of fiction writing in India today?  

Arjun Kacper: Today’s novels are purely based on god and evil, these two are always commericial gaining. Some authors penned down by their experiences and some authors to share their views. But I never read a novel which completely carries emotions. Readers always tend to enter into novel which they read. it’s fully an author’s job to take them with their journey.

Alok Mishra: Congratulations for Deadliest Secret of Truth and the best wishes all other works to come, Arjun! Thanks for your time and the answers to my questions!

Arjun Kacper: Yes, thank you for your exquisite reviews and your time. I am elated to know that you loved my novel.