An Interview with poet Michael Judkins:

Alok Mishra has interviewed Michael Judkins, a poet from Allentown, P.A, in March 2015. Michael Judkins is a poet who believes in simplicity and expresses his feelings the same way. Moreover, he is also a mental health counsellor. His profession has developed an insight in Michael to look down inside himself. He tries the same in his poetry. His first series Sentimental Me aims at presenting various human conditions to the readers.

The Interviews of Michael Judkins by Alok Mishra, Editor-in-Chief at Ashvamegh International Journal


Alok Mishra:  The first question of this interview to you – Please tell me about poetry? What is your perception about poetry sir?

Michael Judkins: My perception of poetry is the expression of creating feeling, thoughts, and emotions through words/ Releasing the inner self, and cultivating a sound that transcends to higher depths.

Alok Mishra: Please tell me what according to you is important in poetry – emotions or thoughts? My implication is towards the classic mind vs heart debate.

Michael Judkins: I’m a visual poet/writer, so, the emotions part play a vital role in developing the sound and creating a voice that every generation can relate too.

Alok Mishra: Well, your reply seems to deny important role of thought development. How can you justify your argument sir?

Michael Judkins: I can justify my development through understanding of the human element. As a mental health professional, I understand the importance of self expression and being vulnerable to the world, through words.

Alok Mishra: That is great! Being a mental health professional, you are attached to creative writing sir… nice to listen. What inspired you to writing? How did you become a poet sir?

Michael Judkins: I started writing in High school over 20 years ago. My passion for writing was influence by my emotional journey through life. Sentimental Me..the introduction first chapbook is influence by discovering the strength and beauty of letting go and moving forward. Available April 14, 2015 via website and amazon.

Alok Mishra: Now, jumping the years, can you say, are there any themes which particularly attract you as a poet, things that you feel you would like to write about?

Michael Judkins: Yes! I love nature, emotional circumstances, and happiness.

Alok Mishra: What you think about contemporary English poetry?

Michael Judkins: I personally feel that contemporary English is the foundation of art! I love to learn new concepts and improve my writing skills through reading. Just follow the KISS method..keep it simple stupid.

Alok Mishra: A question that I asked many poets and myself searching an answer for, do you think, with the time, you find once that there is nothing to write about? A feeling of belatedness, means you have missed everything and other poets have written up all! Do you feel it ever sir?

Michael Judkins: I feel you can write about anything to come to mind. I love to express my thought about a subject and allowing the reader to interpret what it means to them.

Alok Mishra: This is the theory of poetry sir. My question persists, do you think sometimes there is nothing left to be written about?

Michael Judkins: No. there is something to always write about… I think the most passionate writing comes from personal experience without fantasy.

Alok Mishra: Personal experiences… sir, what poetry can do to the world? Do you think, as a poet, personal experiences can help people while reading your poem?

Michael Judkins: I feel that writing your own personal challenges and happiness can transcend to the world. As people, differ, and same, share the same challenges that can be relatable through creative writing.

Alok Mishra: I agree with your idea sir, but do not you think writing about universal experiences and ideas is better than being personal?

Michael Judkins: Absolutely not! It always depends on the mood. setting and theme. So, it always universal.

Alok Mishra: Moving to the next, what inspires you most to write a poem? Any certain object? Any certain idea? Someone special?

Michael Judkins: I write based on how I feel. I can write about finding love, heartache, family, motivation and free will. I love writing about how I feel about daily circumstances.

Alok Mishra: As a poet, are you satisfied with your poetry? And the same, as a reader, what do you think of your own writings?

Michael Judkins: I think my own writing stems from creating a sound! I’m always working on improving my writing that’ suits multiple generations.

Alok Mishra: That is great. We must keep improving. I am also a poet, and so you are. However, sir, do not you think that readership of poetry is decaying day by day? I mean to say that you will find many people who read and enjoy novels; You will find less who read and enjoy poetry. What is your view on it?

Michael Judkins: I think the poetry market is turning to the independent poet. The beauty of poetry,,,, can be transferred to song or novel version.

Alok Mishra: Do you think novel overtook poetry? Or still, there is some space poets can make into?

Michael Judkins: No! Novel writing is mostly fictional, so, it can be expanding., Poetry is from self!

Alok Mishra: Well, both are fictional sir, but do you agree that novels are mostly with financial purposes and poetry for delight? Moreover, now we are moving toward end of this session. Just 2 or 3 more questions sir.

Michael Judkins: Novel writing is more lucrative then poetry. However, all writing can be viewed as art!

Alok Mishra: Indeed, all forms of writing are art. Tell me more about your new book sir. What special is there?

Michael Judkins: Sentimental a collection of poems that represents the emotional journey of moving forward in life. The series will be three parts The introduction, the interlude, and the conclusion. Each representing different elements of free will, love lost, love gain, and motivation.

Here is one of my signature poems from my first chapbook;; Endless road

Endless Road

Who am I?

The person on a string,

Tied to the tree,

Do I know me?

The person without a clue,

Living without you,

Do you know me?

The person who fell in love,

Painted on a fantasy rug,

Do you love me?

The person standing in front of you,

Who you can’t see,

Can I love you?

With all my heart,

That fell part,

Will you respect me?

Forever and a day,

Even when the sun glaze,

Will I respect you?

The creation within,

That unspoken sin,

Can you teach me?

The endless road,

Cause you was so cold,

Can you teach?

The wonders of your world,

That left me in turmoil,

I guess I have to say;

Endless road!

Alok Mishra: It feels very exciting to listen! And the poem is having fine tuning with wisdom and bit of your practice in it…