Tim Gurung, Introduction to the Author

Interview with author Tim Gurung In the words of Tim Gurung himself, “I am a writer of conscience and righteousness. I write for good of people, society and humanity. Most importantly, I write for my own self. Please click below to find out more about my books.”

He is an author of many books that depict various aspects of mankind. Five Steps, Old Men Don’t Cry, Afterlife, The Cursed Nation, A Nation For Refugees etc. are some of his books. Tim Gurung was born in Nepal in 1963. Sticking to his theory of writing, he does his best to write for the global readership. He enjoys writing so dearly.





Interview of Tim Gurung with Alok Mishra


Alok Mishra: As you say it, sir, “I am a writer of conscience and righteousness,” what do you mean by this? Elaborate, please.

Tim Gurung: It means I will just write for good of people, society and eventually to mankind. I don’t write for money or fame, I write only for my charity and my charity helps poor people. My books also don’t and will never have sex, violence, horror, bad elements and other depiction of malevolence that can be bad for the people, I am and will not be associated with any such groups or organizations that have hidden agendas, I will never forget my principle for the sake of success or position. I want my books are to be good for people, they can be read together with the family and people should gain knowledge from it.

Alok Mishra: What does writing mean to you? Is it to bring in light the hidden aspects of life? Or you have some different ideas?

Tim Gurung: Writing is a gift that almighty has bestowed upon me, it is a way of expressing my thoughts as well as providing solace to my soul as well, I write because it gives me happiness, nurture my inner-soul and make me feel as I have been doing something meaningful in life. Through writing I can also express my thoughts or even philosophy that can be good for people, convey social and global messages and empower people through necessary awareness. My books are also full of knowledge, it can be good for especially high and university students and I am sure that they learn from it. Most importantly, I need writing to be happy, deal with the travails of life and carry on.

Alok Mishra: The modern taste of writing, you must know, is different. What are your views about it?

Tim Gurung: It is perhaps the demand of the time, a writer must know his readers if one wants to be successful and I think it is important that we are aware of the modern writing. But for me, it is not a big deal, I have my own style, or shall I say principle of writing, and I won’t change it for anything at all. Besides, there are so many writers out there that we will have more than enough writers to fulfil that needs and nobody has to be disappointed for sure. As I don’t write for money or fame, I have my own way and style of writing, I will stick it to until the end, and I am sure that the world is big enough for all of us, including my writing. So, I don’t think much about it.

Alok Mishra: What are your views about commercialization of writing, sir?

Tim Gurung: I personally think that writing is a very respectful and honourable profession, pity that nobody realize that in our society and nobody gives a damn about it, and commercializing it is as far as I am concerned very bad. But hey, it is a modern world, writing profession cannot be untouched from it, and yes, it has been traded alike other merchandizes. My books were criticized by western people for being too old subject, not entertaining and even bad. But my books are on serious matters, the west think such problems that we still have in our society here are already things of the past, and it is no longer a subject of interest for them. There are not many books on serious matters out there, most of the books are like a fad nowadays and it has been commercialized in great deal – at least in the western world.

Alok Mishra: How do you relate your writings to the modern world?

Tim Gurung: As my books are mostly based on social and global issues, needless to say they deal with our serious issues, and they should be useful for our youth – regardless of country or race. They might not be as entertaining or intriguing, but if you care about people, society and the world, my books should be good for you. Life cannot be passed over joke, enjoyment and unnecessary embellishment alone, one has to learn about the truth and seriousness of life at some stage of our life, and I am sure that on that moment of awakening, my books can come handy for all. As I mostly write on current issues, my books should be related to modern time and people should find it as updated as appropriate with time, so, I have not much worry about them.

Alok Mishra: Have you modelled your writings on some classic authors? Which authors have inspired you?

Tim Gurung: No, I have read many books from various authors, but I liked them mostly the first book of any writers, and from 2nd book on, I was not as excited or captivated as the first one, and I don’t think I have followed anyone of them, and I just write on my own style. Having said that however, I have some influences from my editor, I just have one for all of my books and she had played a great role on my writing.

Alok Mishra: What are your recent projects?

Tim Gurung: I have just finished writing, editing and cover of my 7th book, which is an epic novel about Hong Kong, and I am still undecided when it can be published yet. I have also finished writing my 8th book, which is about the celebration of women, and is now in the editing process. And I am writing my 9th book but it is a bit of on the back-burner now due to my preoccupied situation on promoting my books. I have a plan of publishing at least 2 books in a year from now on.

Alok Mishra: I have read your blog about the marketing and social media, sir. What message would you like to give to the aspirant authors?

Tim Gurung: It is a very slow, long and assiduous task, being a writer, especially new and self-published one is not easy and I think it will years before anyone will start taking notice of you. Marketing books is also very hard, the market is also very crowded and it is only name that sell. So, if you are nobody, sorry to be sounded so pessimistic, but nobody wants to talk with you, and it is entirely you who have to do everything. Therefore, if you don’t have time, money or heart to do the marketing job, not to mention skills and experiences, it is almost impossible, and you also have to very patience. And don’t leave your daytime job yet before you become someone and the other way is to find a publisher or agent, which is also not easy.

Alok Mishra: A hilarious question – this is the age of e-books. What do you personally like to read, e-books or print books?

Tim Gurung: In order to succeed for writers, you need both e-book and print version, but personally, I would like to read a physical book.

Alok Mishra: At last, many thanks for your time and wish you the best for your coming projects, sir.