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Apryl Baker is a novelist and USA Today bestselling author. Her popular books are Touch Me Not, The Ghost Files, The Promise etc. She is well known for her paranormal romance and horror fiction. Grew up in a small town in southern mountains of West Virginia, she enjoyed her days climbing trees and roaming around in woods. Apryl learned the habit of reading books in her early days when her aunt Jo gave a book, in fact, a romance novel titled Lord Margrave’s Deception. She enjoyed the book as well as discovered that she had an inclination towards paranormal and romance. She took the call and started writing to entertain her friends. She used to feature them as the lead characters in her writings.

Presently, she lives in Huntersville, NC and a small town in WV where she entertains her niece and nephew. She loves reading books and writing them as well. Her motive is to entertain people with her stories.

Alok Mishra: How do you define paranormal? Is the one page paranormal different than the real world paranormal?

Apryl Baker: Paranormal to me is anything outside the parameters of the real world – ghost, witches, shifters. The things modern science can’t define. We tell ourselves it’s not real, but deep down, I think everyone believes in the paranormal or supernatural as some call it. We can’t help it. It goes back to those basic instincts we are born with, the ones that take over when we’re scared.

Alok Mishra: From where did you get this inspiration to write horror books? Did you read the authors like Mary Shelley?

Apryl Baker: I’ve always loved horror – movies, books, scary stories told around a campfire. I’ve read King, Koontz, Simmons, and Shelly, just to name a few. I grew up watching horror movies and reading horror novels by flashlight when everyone else went to bed. It was only natural that when I started to write seriously, I’d write some form of horror or the paranormal.

Alok Mishra: When did you first learn that you have become the USA today bestseller? Upon realization, how did you react? Please share the experience with Ashvamegh readers.

Apryl Baker: I didn’t see it at first because I never look at those lists. I was in a paranormal box set that hit the USA Today bestseller list called Pandora. One of the other authors checked that list religiously and she told us all. I was shocked and thrilled all at the same time. We all worked so hard to promote that set, to get it out there and show people who we were. I think I called my entire family that night lol.

Alok Mishra: The orthodox people, very much like me, dichotomize mainstream literature from commercial literature. In which category do you put yourself and your creations?

Apryl Baker: I don’t think I fit into either of those. I don’t write to be categorized. My books appeal to the masses and to the niche readers. I have children as young as 9 read some of my books and I have grannies as “young” as 92 read them J I write to be unique, not to be categorized. I think everyone should write in that manner, not worrying about where the chips may fall.

Alok Mishra: With the introduction of the digital platforms like Kindle and E-book readers, we have witnessed a flood of authors and digital novels. In simple terms, the digital revolution has enabled simply everyone to become an author. How do you see it?

Apryl Baker: Yes, it does allow everyone to fulfil their dreams of being an author. That’s a good thing too. I remember when I was sending my book, The Ghost Files, to agents, my thoughts were I’d get a great agent who believed in my book and then it’d land with one of the top 6 publishers. Didn’t happen J

Instead I went with a smaller publisher who focused on digital sales. My books are now international bestsellers with a movie deal under the belt. I didn’t get the agent and the big book deal. I got something better. I got a family of Indie authors who support each other and support the whole self-publishing/small press community.

The digital world of self-publishing opened by Amazon has been one of the best things to ever hit the scene. It allows books, really good books that agents won’t touch for whatever reason, to see the light of day. That’s a win for readers when so many books published today by traditional publishing houses are not worth the paper they’re printed on.

Alok Mishra: How much you see the role of book promotion in today’s writing profession?

Apryl Baker: It’s a vital necessity. I didn’t get where I am today by sitting there and just waiting for people to discover me among the hundreds of thousands of new authors releasing books every day. You have to go out there and sell your brand (Your name and Your books). Why would someone pick up your book over their favourite author? You might have a kickass cover, but if they don’t know you, haven’t seen ads for your work, they are going to pick up the author they know. Don’t sit back and expect others to market for you, even if you have a publisher. No one knows your brand better than you do so go out there and make yourself known!

Alok Mishra: As you stand an expert in paranormal and horror writing, do you think you can accommodate the role of another genre writer? What else would you like to write?

Apryl Baker: Fantasy. I read tons of fantasy novels growing up. I love the world building and getting lost in another world for a little while can sometimes be appealing where you can create magical flying unicorns or trolls or some made up fairy-tale creature or plot to immerse yourself in. I love to get lost in a good book.

Alok Mishra: Who is your favourite novelist from the English Literature and why? Tell about your most loved novel too.

Apryl Baker: My favourite book is written by my favourite author. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. She gave women a voice in a time when women had no voices. Her words are moving and her books are still classics today.

Alok Mishra: Do you have any books on the table that you are working on? Please tell me about your favourite book written by yourself.

Apryl Baker: Yes, but they are all SECRET!!! My favourite book that I’ve written is the one that sells the least honestly. It’s called The Promise, book 1 of The Coven Series.

Alok Mishra: What message would you like to give to the aspirant authors?

Apryl Baker: Never give up. I was told no so many times, I almost did give up. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else is going to. Just keep your head down, keep writing, keep getting better at honing your craft, and keep trying. If you believe it, so will they.

Alok Mishra: Many thanks, dear Apryl for your time and this opportunity to have your views on my queries about your writing and ideas.