Poems : Issue XII : January 2016

Amid abundance of submissions from the poets across the globe, it becomes difficult for us to publish all at a time. However, we do keep in mind that this platform gives a chance to the emerging poets as well as serve as a destination for famous and established poets. This is another attempt from our side! Hope you like the selection of poems in January Issue. Do write your comments in letters to us page. Wish you a happy reading!


Sydney Lea : Featured Poet : January 2016

Sydney Lea has been selected as the featured poet for January 2016 issue. Read his poems and interview in this issue. You will enjoy reading them. Click here to read the poems of Sydney Lea

Poems by Mothi Bai K. S.

Introduction to the Poet:

Mothi Bai

Mothi Bai

She is an assistant professor of English working in Vivekananda degree college in the dept. of English. She has MPhil, PGDTE, Senior Dip. In German and she Has submitted her Ph.D thesis on Woman characters in Karnad’s plays to The Dravidian University, Kuppam.  She has completed 25 years of service. She has written more than 50 poems in English and they are being published on E-journals.



      Oh! Mighty wind

You mighty laudable wind,

with an unbearable power boundless,

that uproots ever grown colossal tree,

a symbol of home for innumerable lives,

alike human expresses sudden anger

that suppresses innocent creatures

without a pinch of soothing mercy

topple down the fortune of human world .


But ,you, like Shelley’s west wind

an up lifter of dying vegetation

to the sudden spurt to  twigs

calming    them with tender drops

spreading  hopes to each dependent

leaving behind  every ill-will.


so, I adore ,worship and pray you

to sustain  your placidness   recoil

in endearing all the warm wishes.



Dazzling Pelicans

I swayed languishly as a swollen cow

that strolls on the narrow muddy road.

bewildering all at once from  my drowsiness,

I saw a dazzling host of silvery Pelicans

floating in the greenish lake before the building.


Diving in, floating on and soaring high over  water

of the glorious world as the bunches of flowers

that bloom and blossom in varied shapes.

They huddled together hither and thither

amid  the rustling leaves of huge woods.

Countless in a bunch of milky- white balloons

saw I at once, swaying to and fro In a lively dance

as the breeze blows the glimmering , glaring

Pelicans in glee mesmerized me to be in  ecstatic

In such a glamarous romantic  landscape

I watched and watched ,but never failed to deem

‘What pleasure the scene to me had brought  !’


Often I would watch the scene

with an inward eye to muse

about the magical wonder




A shriek of dread gave I out

as I woke up from my slumber in a den,

not a heaven, but another cosmos

of fairy beasts ,birds and beings

among where nothing resembled my mother

in whose laps I dozed off.


Oh! Mother, shiver I severely in fear

of loneliness, a routine  marathon,

to see you  who  haunts treasure

that dims  my pleasure of freedom.

Oh! Mother, I feel, my feeble voice

is choked as I struggle to speak

to fairies dumb and deaf .

but I yearn to hear motherly tone

thrilling, tantalizing with blisses.


Oh ! mother, adjusting to the artificial world

I have learnt to eat dry salty bread crumbs.

I have learnt to drink juice or readymade milk,

I have learnt to sleep with the toys around .

I have learnt to sacrifice my innocent pleasure

of golden life for my modern globalized mother.

Poems by Ghulam Mohammad Khan

Introduction to the Poet:

Ghulam Mohammad Khan

Ghulam Mohammad Khan

Ghulam Mohammad Khan belongs to the state of Jammu and Kashmir and is currently pursuing PhD at Central University of Haryana, India. He loves writing poems and articles in English and has an interest in literature.

Poems by Ghulam Mohammad Khan


A Smiling Portrait of Her Face


As darkness swaddles earth in her bosom

I feel wading wings of time

Waving sweet aromas into my soul,

Drifting it like a kite,

Against the fleecy clouds.

My heart, overflowing with memories past

Recounting the intricacies of your love,

A smiling portrait of your face

Your tresses clad in a scarf,

The velvet-texture of your countenance

And deep down in the depths of shimmering eyes,

I find the interpreter of my soul.

And the curves of thine eyes like a blade,

Tear into my heart.

I see the ‘words’ melting into your eyes,

Weaving a language of its own.

I find my soul wandering in their infinity.

Your face, an interminable expanse of bliss,

I sailed and sailed, lost in its eternal calm.

And I thought…

Nature has chiselled it with great care.




It is Raining in Kashmir


It is raining in Kashmir,

Nature’s fury is flowing,

In the ugly rage of Jehlum.

Sweet Spring songs and all those magical birds,

Nor seen, nor heard.

The drowned, deserted streets,

The pools, ponds, and puddles,

The white frozen cliffs, the gory dark clouds,

The trembling new-born greens,

The cold indifferent breeze, the calm listless trees,

Somewhere the ‘conventional’ gun shots,

Somewhere the usual wails and groans.

Come to my erstwhile, forgotten paradise,

And see the eternal anguish in frozen time.

You will see and you will feel,

My soul has suffered long under this suffocating siege.

Like a baby crying for some sweet,

I pleaded the sun to shine on us

My wail drowned somewhere in yonder cloud.

Come to my erstwhile, forgotten paradise,

And call out the sun shine for us.


Poems by Kuldipsinh D. Jadeja Bhimkatta

Introduction to the poet:

Kuldip Sinh D Jadeja

Kuldip Sinh D Jadeja

Mr. Kuldipsinh D. Jadeja Bhimkatta has been working as a lecturer in English at C. U. Shah University, Wadhwancity, Gujarat, India. Indian English Literature, English Language Teaching, Translation studies, and Comparative Literature are his areas of interest. He has been constantly doing experiments and researches in his areas of interest to contribute to the fields. He has presented research papers in many seminars and conferences and published the same in different international journals. Above all he is a student and worshiper of literature, committed to relish and appreciate the priceless gems of Literature written in different languages. He writes poems in English and Indian Languages and he has translated poems and short stories from Indian Languages to English and English to Indian Languages. His poems and translations have been published in different magazines and journals.



Poems by Kuldip Sinh D Jadeja



Alone I was and alone I am,

Alone I am destined to remain.

The Supreme Being, being my comrade,

I need no mortal to be happy and glad.

Fear can frighten me no more,

Darkness dread me not any more,

For light is waiting for eternal light,

Having the sight of light so bright in sight.

Now I fear not doom impending,

I remorse not, ceased repenting.

For destiny has destined the destined fruits,

As per deeds, I did and seeds I saw in field.



Trust in Love


Trust in love, but a vessel full of milk,

Just a drop of sour lime,

Or any drop of sourish type,

Will result in the same,

And will make it a game.

Then try not to purify,

For all attempts will be in vain.

As no filter can filter it,

And trust will be ceased to be it.

Play not the game, for defeat is certain,

For love’s, but a game, wherein

Either both win, or both lose.

Trust in love, but a vessel full of milk,

Handle with care, beware the tartish.

Be a true lover or love not at all,

For once broken the glass, no one can repair,

And thread, if broken, forever a tie knot will it bear.


Poems by Shweta Sur

Shweta Sur Poems

Shweta Sur

Introduction to the Poet:

Shweta Sur is currently pursuing her MA in English Literature at Tezpur Central University, Assam. She has a keen interest in writing poetry. She also enjoys reading the works of other poets and writers.

Poems by Shweta Sur



Uncompromising Life,

what do you want me to do?
Like a river you change,
I am mere a Boat owner,
hold me!
Where are you taking me to?
Oh, I see
some roads, Many roads,
Each leading to an untold destination…
Please lead me the way…
This bare foot has
pricked by the thorns.
You must be the essence of
A basketful of Bougainvillea
For this place Smells of
Human Jealousy& hatred.
Open the gates of peace,
Beauty, truth and Love
will gush into our Barren land.
Thirsty Earth & Humans!!!
Blushful Life, Replenish us!!



Selfless, lovely, pretty Bonds,

of human,
With human..
Of a lover with his lover,
Of a Tree with its leaf,
Of a Child with its sleep,

Bonds of trust,
Bonds of Faith…
Wait and Feel!
One can see beyond reality,
Bonds are a
Blessed Entity.
Earth is a Good place,
As long as
we have here still—-The Bonds.

Poem by Rachana Pandey

A Brief note about the Poet:

Rachana Pandey

Rachana Pandey

She is a Senior Research Fellow (SRF) in the department of English at Banaras Hindu University and her research areas are Indian English drama, women and gender studies. She has been engaging classes at Centre for Women’s Studies and Development (CWSD) at BHU for four years (2011-2015). She has published some insightful research papers in different journals like Muse India, Ashvamegh and Literary Quest.   

Poem by Rachana Pandey


“I and They”

They called me traditionalist and conservative

When I follow the path of my elders

as if they were always wrong

And I started feeling ashamed of myself!


They called me emotional and extra sensitive

as if it is unnatural and weak to express loud

And I started hiding my emotions and opinions!


They called me a typical girl

And I started behaving like a tomboy,

having ‘masculine qualities’ and devoid of feminine weaknesses!


They started calling me a male in a female body

And I felt proud and uncomfortable simultaneously!


They laughed at me and called me a ‘feminist’ sarcastically

And I became skeptical towards my perceptions,

ideology and sensitivity towards women’s questions!


And at last, I found myself passive,

devoid of the SELF!

Then I decided not to bother what ‘they’ say.


They called me a ‘traditionalist’

And I will follow my ideas, anyway.

They called me a typical girl

And I will celebrate being ME, anyway.

I am not going to imitate others anymore

And I will celebrate and cherish my body, my soul.

They called me a feminist

And I will not stop working and presenting my opinions

on women’s questions until the change for betterment comes,


They called me emotional and extra sensitive person

And I will not stop expressing myself anyway

And I will not stop expressing myself anyway…

Poems by Rishamjot Kaur

Introduction to the poet:

Rishamjot Kaur

Rishamjot Kaur

Rishamjot Kaur Sangha graduated in English. Currently pursuing MBA (hr), she belongs to Jandu Singha (Jalandhar). She gets inspiration from her grandfather who was a journalist. Her elder brothers & mother encouraged her a lot. She draws inspiration from her father whom she lost at an early age. Her brothers are much dear to her. Poetry is her passion. She published 3 poems in college magazines. She writes what she observes. With that, she gets peace of mind. According to her – stand up again if you fall ever.

Poems by Rishamjot Kaur


“Blissful seat can be in halycon

Decide to be profound at heart”

“Assert all supreme art

Celestial light can be in your life”

“To make ourselves sovereign

Forget all grief of life”

“Heavenly chronicle cannot be told

“Oh thou don’t vindicate miller”

If meditation of adventurous”

“Like boughs can make marvelous

No region to mournful gloom”

“May thou be aware of doom

So make your life cheerful

Do not make chronicle of tearful”


Pilgrimage cycle

Chimes waving in breeze,

O lord, men freeze.

You are the puppet of grime

Stint can be fewer zest shrine

Recitation of you can be yours,

With you the moments will be few

Not monstrous stint go for sabath

O open the fountain of heart to reach the path

O men don’t shudder by humped dry

Tear stuffed time of desolate don’t cry!

Poem by Beegam Rushda Ameen P M S

About the Poet:

Beegam Rushda Ameen

Beegam Rushda

Beegam Ruhda Ameen P M S was born on august 20 1990 in manjeri, a town in Malappram district, Kerala. She completed her schooling in a well reputed CBSE school in the city. She graduated from Calicut University and got her post graduation from IGNOU. Presently working as an Assistant Professor in Department of English at Priyadarshini Arts and Science college in the same district. She is a great lover of music and literature.


Poem by Beegam Rushda Ameen P M S



Memory Hammock

A rival of madness

A stench of pain

And a fragrance of gain

Under the trees

Below concreted roofs

With my lily buds

A time of togetherness

With intoxicating insanity

A time of alienation

Among the same species

A time of make beliefs

Bibled criticisms

Celebrated jokes

Every little thing was nourishment

To a seed in me….

That germinated by time

Rooted strong in the soil

Soil of indebted island-ness

Soil of rich friction

To breathe in a new life

Like a wand swished

A spell decoded

Quite unique

Unique to a world

Around me.

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