Research Papers: Issue XIII: February 2016

Welcome to the research articles section of Issue XIII, February 2016 of Ashvamegh. On this page, you will find the links to the papers selected for publication in current issue of the journal. Moreover, now can also download the published papers individually. On every page, you will see the link to download the research paper you are reading. Hope you will like this addition. To return to this page or the main navigation page, you can use the nav-option that you will find on the right bottom of the page with title Issue XIII Navigation. Happy Reading!


Authors selected and the title of their papers

Dr. Shaji Khan:                                                                         Insurrection, Sedition & Deception in Shakespeare’s Dramas

Swati Srivastava:                                                                     Theme & Issues in Caribbean Literature

Dr. Shalini Mathur:                                                                   Paper on Arun Joshi

Dr. Archana:                                                                             Domination & Harassment of Indian Labours in Anand’s Novel

Dr. Neena Sharma:                                                                  Different Aspects of Plays by G B Shaw

Dr. S. Sujaritha:                                                                        Is English a Second Language?

Dr. Anjan Kumar                                                                       Existential Angst in Arun Joshi’s Novels (Editorial Contribution)