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Introduction to the Poet:

Marcus Roi MedfordMarcus “Roi” Medford is a poet, journalist and student at the University of Toronto. Marcus is the author of one book of poetry, Book of Mars, as well as a host on Fusionradio.ca’s show The Borough Sound.






Kiss me again

Steal the air from my lungs,

Tell me again that you love me.

I want us to be closer than close

I want to hold you closer than clothes.

I want to wake up with your name on my lips,

Thoughts of you synonymous with my future.

Your face, forever etched into my dreams

And those beautiful brown eyes.

There’re so many places I want to take you,

Kiss me again,

Let me show you.

I want to know every hue of you.

But you’re nothing more than an afterthought.



Hope is a fragile seed:

You make the world stand still

as if time were just a construct.

As if love was not a river but a tree.

Strange how time

can abstract


Hope is a fragile seed.




I was taught that goddesses only exist

In the heart and in myths

Well, she must be Amphitrite’s descendant.

Unbridled perfection

A beautiful remnant.

Blessed with olive skin and auburn eyes,

A mind as bright as the sun.

When was I ensnared by her smile?

I couldn’t begin to surmise.

It happened in an instant like a flash of light,

A burning deep within me,

Like a shooting star or a crashing flight.

Like Icarus before his demise.


It felt as natural as soil between toes

The first time our souls met.

She took my breath away with every word she spoke

And when she held me close

Like a corset.

Even the small things

She did with divinity,

She spoke like a waltz

Enhancing my affinity.

Goddess among women,

Rose amongst the weeds,

You are effortlessly without fault.


There must be something in the water

Passed down to the Mediterranean’s daughters.

My Amphitrite, my goddess of sea,

Who swam through my veins like a cocaine.


Goddesses only exist in the heart and in myths.

I learned that once again.

It’s proved more difficult than I’d imagined

Trying to stay sane.

You got under my skin like a tattoo

You spread quickly as a rumour.

Mysterious and magnificent

And malignant as a tumour.