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Introduction to the poet:

S Ahmmed PoemsAhmmed hails from Southern Andhra. He has completed masters in English literature. He is a diverse talent and paints, makes sculptures and also takes an interest in music. Though he loves the word-art the most and takes delight in penning down the socio-humanities issues.



                        Let it live

Right on the pedestal of the peace

There stands an earthen body

Within all the virtues of this land

Bonds of brotherhood around

Wearing in all white inherited from its creed

Err…..a far fellow stained its garbs

Still it stands toweringly but head is bent

Widened arms to welcome allies

Alas….a far fellow nipped them mercilessly

Yet it stands numb but opened heart

Stretched lips gaily to glue the gaps

Ouch…a far fellow slapped it vigorously

Still it stands but face is frowned

It has not uttered so far

But today it raised its far spoken dumb voice

It has not taken any steps ahead

But tomorrow it walks along the hurdled heavenly ways.


The fear

In a sound sleep of a serene night

I dreamt something that’s not dreamt to be!

Like heard something that’s not heard to be!!

Rolled across, rose, walked to and fro

An unfamiliar fear…. Lowered my spirits

A fear, that’s figured at Bhai’s messy tea stall

A fear, that ran wide along my narrow lane

A fear, that’s portrayed by my pristine kin

They fussed about morrows of misery

But I barely fear not for that fear

I intensely fear for the voice

That sounds louder than love

The words that meant only for hatred

The speech that crackles pure peace

The sense that deprives sheer unison

Stirred my soul till the day break but,

At once, a call from the minaret

A hymn from the lantern near by

Prevailed united and swept all frights

Asserting for the new dawn!