Poems by Barister Khongrymmai, published in Issue XVI, May 2016

Introduction to the Poet:

Barister PoemsBarister Khongrymmai from Cherrapunjee, is a poet. He belongs to the city of Shillong, Meghalaya. He is currently holding Bachelor degree in Theology from Vidyajyoti College of Theology, Raj Niwas Marg, New Delhi.





An ABC of A Woman

A woman is the Abode of love,

The Bond of the family,

The Charm of the Creator above,

The Dawn of Humanity.


A woman is the Eye of peace,

The Face of great kindness,

The Golden door to life of ease,

The Hallmark of righteousness.


A woman is the Image of justice,

The Joy of the earth,

The Key to life’s happiness,

The Luminous star of firth.


A woman is the loving Mother,

The Nurturer of the generation,

The Origin of great characters,

The Pioneer of every nation.


A woman is an upright Queen,

The Riches of human race,

The Strength, often, quite unseen,

The Transformer in grace.


A woman is the epitome of Utmost Virtue,

The Wisdom incomparable,

No Xerox copy, oh! She’s so true,

The Youthful Zeal, an embodiment of marvels.



Today in our world


Today in our world

There’s no place for love.

People are busy with earthly pleasures

There’s no time to care for others.

Hatred rules the human race

Mercy fails to show its face.

Promise is just only a word,

That people play in crossword.


Pride binds all people as slaves

Young and old, no one escapes.

Corruption rules over all nations,

Ready to eat the world in seconds.

We’re mad about matters of money and power,

Willing to do anything to satisfy our desire.

We’d rob, steal and cheat the other,

For ‘I have to live, not my neighbor.”


It’s painful to see

That we’ve lost our dignity.

Life, our life has become so cheap

We don’t care if some others weep.

Oh! When will we have the courage

To put an end to this outrage?

Oh! When will we ever learn

To live together again?


Rise up! Better late than never!

In our hands lies our fate.

Let us work hand in hand

We’ll make this world a peaceful land.