Poems by Bhat Zaieem

Plethora of Childhood Beauties


I couldn’t erase those beautiful paintings

Which my childhood pasted on my clear mind

Still they are bright, vivid and reflective

And these make me obscure for I know not

Whether I am blissful or in deep distress

For these memories make me enigmatic


For all day I was free as sunlight

Nobody could shunt my feelings

Those feelings were washed with milk

I was not intentionally sympathetic or harsh

A myriad of beauties prevails in them

Which hummed for my peace and smoothness


But now my every breath chases money

My every foot steps towards envy and hatred

This is now mind boring and mind washing

But I get my most happiness from those moments

Seemingly life is dull and improper

Without those days of halcyon and beauty.




Come into Dreams My Mom


Why you left me, mom,

To let me sink into a sea of tears?

My heart throbs as I am going to die with you!

My chopped heart will never recoup now, mom!

I am still coaxing, my forlorn heart in disguise.

I fill it with false things but those know the reality

I miss your eternal love, mom, loveliest of all loves

I miss your arduous care when I was a toddler

Your love immortal will always keep my eyes open

For the Amazon of desolated tears that overflow

I know you will never know of before

But these feelings in my flesh nod for you,

Bereft of you in this is abode of your love,

And I will remain as I am,

But how long shall I wait for your call

In my dreams that always.. always

The dreams that come with little hope.