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Introduction to the Poet:

Poems by Amrita SharmaAmrita Sharma is an aspiring writer who is just at the threshold of her writing career. She is currently a student of English Literature and is a firm believer in the power that words hold.

She often writes poems about the issues which appeal to her. Present poems are an example of the same spirit.





Forever Lost

The time when hours did not count,

With no perplexities of sight and sound,

When salience of joy was rest assured,

And morbid thoughts were never aboard.


When hopes enshrined each sparkling dawn,

And curiosities reigned over each morn,

To each face was wedded a beautiful smile,

And a motivation rested at the end of each mile.


Now, the cheers relinquish; the joys perspire,

Beneath the burden of each desire.

The guiding morals no more confine,

Scattered in a surreal design.


But the memories do flash in solitary hours,

But bring no bliss like the flaxen flowers;

Why is it always ‘I’ that pays the cost,

For all the times forever lost!



Forever Mine

The bliss that my heart, even for a second adorned;

The echoing voices that shall never be mourned;

The words that shall, forever please;

The curious thoughts that are never at ease.


The years fly by, but the moments do freeze;

In a corner of my mind where commotions never cease;

Every sound, every scene, is like a part of a pile;

Each one getting added at the end of every mile.


Can memory lane be ever deserted?

Or passage of time be ever reverted?

The calls may or may not be heard.

But there remains an echo of every spoken word.


Every second adds on to the riches of memory,

Providing substance for every dream, every reverie;

I shall testify this before the thoughts recline;

Every second I lived shall forever be mine!