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Introduction to the Poet:

Sujatha SivanSujatha Sivan Janardhanam is one of those people who always seems to have some idea in mind: a Usually, on a busy day, you may see her sitting down at her desk after a busy day of work as an Assistant Professor in English at Guru Nanak College. Amidst all the hustle- bustle of modern life, somehow, she too has found a way to create peace: writing poems. It was a habit of hers to write poems and short stories since she was young. After many years of writing just as a hobby, she has decided to move on to publish her work.




Cell U Luv


A lifeline to the outside world

A medium for relationships

An all-time open library

A personal repertoire of advisory

An intense selfie shootup

An event managing board

A dependable rooster booster

A globally connective browser dowser

An independent prison of my own will bound

Can you ever be more right?

CELL Phone!




Happiness is You

What is life if you can’t be happy?

Take some time and be happy savvy

Happiness spreads and before you lay

Take it up and enjoy while you may


Past is the past, the moment is now

Future is future and distant anyhow

Live in the moment, do not make a row

Speak, play and take time off with a flourishing bow


Let your inner voice be your guide

Give it the reins and let it preside

Light up your life with courage and might

With all that’s good and all that’s right.


Who else would happiness ever deserve?

The master of thoughts ever does serve

Self-respect makes you forever worth

With self-respect, for happiness there is no dearth


What else would you need to make happiness stay?

Make hay and drive the clutter away

Make things clean, shine and organize

Happiness in self-discipline would surely rise


What is light if there is no dark?

Happiness is the end of Noah’s ark

Troubles the journey might invariably cast

But with faith and hard work you will come past


Who gives happiness is but you

It does reside right in you

Seek it out and live your life

Let the happy beacon lead you off strife.