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Read a selection of research articles and essays that we have carefully curated for our September 2016 issue. These papers are from a vivid section of literary opinions and genres. We hope you will enjoy reading these informative papers and essays.

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Dr. Mamta Srivastava:                                 The New Theatre: Aesthetically a Misled Motto 

Dr. Prakash Narain:                                     A Paper on Salman Rushdie

Shafinaz Sikder:                                            Second Language Acquisition – Case Study

V. Vasantha Kokilam:                                   Dark Side of Love in Wuthering Heights

Rosy Maria D’Souza:                                     Sandburg’s Poem Chicago & His Love for Chicago

Parvathy & Kiran:                                          The Real Antagonist

Mohini & Babita:                                           Dilemma of Relationship in Kamala Das Poetry

Editorial Contribution:

Nidhi Sharma: Modern Fiction and That Classic Taste

Article on Demand:

Nidhi Sharma: Improve Your English Speaking & Writing


Dr. G. Mohana:                                     A Philosophical Investigation of Finer Art

Ria Narayanan:                                     Madame Bovary: Saint or a Sinner?

R. Meena Gomathi:                              Waste Management in India