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Introduction to the Poet:

Akhila BhagavathiThe poet is at present 71 years of age and lives at the foothills of the Himalayas, India. These poems were written up in the mountains in June 2016. However, the author has two books of poems to her name and a book of essays already published. The themes are both divinity and nature. She is also a practitioner of north Indian classical vocal music and writes her own songs in Hindi dialect.



Worship I

As I meditate
I see
One I involved
In the universe, changing
As swiftly
As every cell in the body

And the other
I, quiet, standing apart
Watching, knowing, radiating
The stillness of consciousness

The other I, radiating
The stillness of divinity

Holding on
Desperately, to this other I

Is also worship, is it not?


O tree

O tree, what are you
So much bigger than man
You are sacred, yes

With your height and purity
And strength as well
You carry alongside your height
You take

Our mind and soul
To the sky
To the abode of the Divine

O tree what are you
I want to be you?

The Bird

It roams about the sky
It’s span is very wide

It is unimaginable
The span
Of the
Of this bird

It is
Indescribable therefore

The wings are shiny
The beaks are shiny
They are silver colored

Colored like the moon
Colored like the half moon light
Intrinsic silver

It is the Soul bird
That flies in the Sky
Of the Heart

As well as in the Sky
Of the Universe

For both are One