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Introduction to the Poet:

Chandra Prakash Pathak is a Teacher, Poet and Astrologer, His writing combines eastern and western philosophy and affects the metaphysics. He roams throughout eastern India and try to reflects the brutal realities of life. His works have been published in many magazines like Criterion, Galaxy, The literary Herald, Ecolinguistics and so on.



A Night with Moon

My shadow walks alongwith me

I doubt it is me or thee

Who has created this world

Full of snare beauty to see

Under the moon with its comely grace

Unstoppable hoursand frosty night in their pace

I look at and the cheer sky smiles

All the pains slept and no sign for miles

I feel all relaxed and befitted here

Closed my eyes if it breaks in fear

My gossip starts with uncanny lives

With My true partner my soul jives

I keep walking with moon in night

An unconditioned love at first sight

I told every hidden or unhidden

In real world which is forbidden

And they whispered in my ears

As if on barren land a pariah rears

I forget all cunning tricks I learnt

An angel came out and devil burnt


When everybody sleeps she comes

Shattering her beauty all around

The world takes a milky bath

All palpitating lives get relief

Pouring love and calmness

Cool, calm, peace giving celestial feeling

When everybody sleeps she comes


But no longer it takes a sojourn

The parijaat became the fern

Demon clouds came and beauty disappears

Her loves become mourn and night appears

Cruel world spread its wings once again

Innocence goes off and wickedness gains

Milky bath stops and no more meditation

no separation of heart and mind but participation


A pair of blue Birds

Why the fused heart palpitates

and dead smile frost the vanished beauty

why the caged parrot sings a melancholic song

and gaze at outer world;

a pair of parrots fluffing inside to free

Encaged like a helpless slave

a slave of his own fence

he was not one never he

he was two one I another me

oh! One is enslaved

another is to die but couldn’t saved

no wonder body without soul is dead,

They are lookin for their skies

but O! re my fate; what a game you’ve played

neither you win nor you let me win

nor you defeat me or to be defeated

O! re my fate; what a game you’ve played.

my axis is not mine;

not the blue sky;

not even my horizontal land,

you say my destiny in my hand

but my hands are bound with shackles.





It is my first love,’ he said

With a cunning smile

And engrossed in nonsense

To make it a sense,

People don’t believe

i am in love my friend!

How can I? Do I?

I can’t. No, no chance.

I can’t stay one place

My life is a race,

The whole sky is mine

And I want to be hers,

Love makes man tame and lame

I am a yayaber and not the same,

I am a man define myself

Let the world fuck off.

Really, he seems in love or

Pretend to be in love.

Whatever his beats of heart

Only knows the reality because

Shadow in disguise – He is.

She is going tomorrow

With a unwanted smile on his countenance

holding a sigh in mild heart.’ he said.

Sign of separation and with a classic song

he sang louder and louder

an effort to unheard the song of heart

playing inside with the loudest strain

Oh! Nothing but cause to only pain,

But none I was there.

Obscure to know

A man with hundreds of face

A howling sound in pace,

I have no crush on her

Of foolishness I went to Venus

And brought lotus and lilies to her,

With a rock and roll;

I am saying my mind

From heart and soul,

I love her or not

For me an ego strike

A girl of no any grace

Even impels to like

But o! my heart-

you are windy wind

You are meant to blow

Neither stop nor to slow

Only blow, blow and blow.

Goodbye my lovers

Goodbye my friends

And goodbye deli.