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Introduction to the Author:

Ankita Jain has completed her Masters in English Literature from Delhi University. She loves to write, a hobby that she recently discovered. Teaching is a passion that she wants to pursue as a profession in the long run. She writes about literature and also has an interest in creative writing.


All her memories of her childhood were hazy, shadowed by clouds of forgetfulness, except this one particular thing. This one, but the single most significant thing in her life. The only thing that constituted the ‘essence’ of reality for her: her love. For Her.

Yes, she loved Her. Loved Her for who she was. Accepted Her with all her shortcomings and loved Her all the more, for who is perfect? Who does not have faults? Well, we all do. And so did She. But that did not matter to her. Not at all. Do you stop loving someone for their vices? No, of course not. Because when you love someone, you love them with all their foibles, because that is the true meaning of love. And that was the level of her devotion.

She would not accept even a finger pointed at Her. Do it and there, you will have it from her. She was crazy for Her, crazy in Her love. Not because she was a fanatic but because she acknowledged what She has been to her. Without Her, she would lose herself, her identity.

She wanted to be of service to Her, in any possible way she can. That would be just her way of trying to thank Her because repaying Her debt was impossible. She could not even think of it.

But how? How could she do this? She sure had one way of doing it: she wanted to serve Her. But the world won’t let her because they found it bizarre. Nobody would accept this. She better settle with a man and forget Her, they would say. Why? Why should I, she would think. Is it because I am a woman? Why cannot I join the army and serve my country?