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Introduction to the Poet:

Sujatha Sivan Janardhanam is one of those people who always seem to have some idea in mind: as usually, on a busy day, you may see her sitting down at her desk after a busy day of work as an Assistant Professor in English at Guru Nanak College. Amidst all the hustle- bustle of modern life, somehow, she too has found a way to create peace: writing poems. It was a habit of hers to write poems and short stories since she was young. After many years of writing just as a hobby she has decided to move on to publish her work.



Mother Teresa -Mother of Hope to the Hopeless & Saint of Mankind

Gazing into the gloomy grey skies

My earning eyes eager for a glimpse

Of the stars, the daylight;

The dawn may bring a change

Or will it?

My body aches with the unseizing pain

Never ending…. the all progressive


Pain caused by cancer

Cancer is what caused it they say

But the pain that haunts me is not the physical pain

It is the pain – of neglect; of isolation; of name calling

Branding my suffering “an effect of fate”

I was doomed – deemed to be fit

Only for suffering

By the gods? Or by men?

I still think; thoughts doomed

My languid leper friend slept near cuddled

in the spaceless slums of diseased souls

Sleeping in trouble; Sleeping through fear


It no longer gives peace – A demon, a devil of our consciousness will wake

Right when we sleep

Freaks, devils, mongrels, Ill doers of some bygone births

Cursed by fate to suffer in this birth for sins of the past

Pain…It is all there is…..


Deep in thoughts, I glimpse the dawn of the day

Not in my life yet;

Or is it?

Is that an angel clad in white?

Is that an incarnation, a goddess

Down on Earth?

A smile so tender, the smile of my mother

Filled with care and love

Curse you curse of fate….

Before me is an angel tending us

In pain

A pain that is no more than just physical pain

When cared by mother

Mother Teresa; Her loving smile brings hope

Tender care brings tears streaming down my burning cheeks

Hope… Harbinger of hope

O mother…. I seek thy blessing O mother that cared

when the loving mother that gave birth to me

Could stand me no more

I prostrate to thee

O mother

Your aura of love engulfs me and cleanses my soul

Thank god!!! Thank god for sending you to us

O Mother…. Thank you.