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Subaltern Misery

Introduction to the Author:

Mabuba Sarker Shama is a special assistant in the IML department at North South University, Bangladesh. She is fond of reading literature books and also writing.

A beautifully decorated parlour door was welcoming all females. Named as ‘Somi’s Fairy Parlour’ the parlour had six chairs, six mirrors and it is a house with red parda. The floor has red carpet. It is nearly 10 years old situated in a posh area of Lalmatia. Juthika is a tribal girl and she stays in this place with other six girls aging around 13 to 20 years. All round white faces, pink lips, black eyes, thin lean bodies with glowing hair.

Juthika came to Dhaka from a poor tribal family. Her father is now paralyzed. Attached to bed he has no income in a family of 2 daughters and 2 small sons. Her mother who is a farmer is now enfeebled and her deep sunken eyes are waiting for food, money and joy. Juthika came to know about this parlour from other girls who work there. These girls have a lot of money and their broken huts have transformed now to buildings. A lot of hope resides in Juthika’s eyes.

She came to Dhaka with these girls to make her family rich. She needs money to make her family happy. Suddenly the bus in which she was coming broke and they had to wait for two hours. Is it a bad omen?

Another girl is not looking at all happy. She has vomited in the morning and she is so exhausted tired. But why? Why she is so sad? This is a dream job for her but this girl is not happy. Is she thinking much more than- stop Juthika.

The train is moving at a fast pace now. A fly entered and Juthika killed it. It tried a lot to hide, to escape but like a powerful monster Juthika destroyed it. ‘nong- ra Mosha.’

Today she has worn a yellow dress. Her salwar- kameez is shining under the sun’s rays. It looks yellow and sometimes orange. The colour of her dress is changing just like the new life which will enter into Juthika’s life within 4 hours. The train is whistling loudly. She nearly panicked. The foods are moving from one compartment to another but no girls are eating them.

Soon the two sides of the train lost the green trees and the high rise buildings and much garbage and dust began to appear. She takes her bag. DHAKA here I come! Yahooooo!

Dear Ma,

Today is a very sad day. Rain is pouring out so heavily. One of my flesh customers came again. Today I have slept with 12 men. Feeling sleepy tired. I have to eat steroids to be as fat as a cow.

Fleeeeee fleeeeeee, but where and how?

Eyes closed, body perplexed, no thinking as if you think you cannot work. They beat me so badly MA.

First day at the parlour was so good food. Second day a nighmare. I am sold like a cow in the market to many men everyday. All physical lust, no love. They have wives, children but no morality. Whom to complain? I know ma you need money and I need it too.

It is terrifying but now I am adjusting. I cannot escape the trap.

MA, MA save me, save me.



The letter ended and Juthika will never give it to her mother. Who cares how many Juthika are there exploited everyday only for food and money and they write letters not to send to their parents but only to keep the letters with them.