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Introduction to the Poet:

Anandita Mitro is 17 years old and she goes to Calcutta Girls School. She is a student of class XI.


I Need Not Be


I need not be-

The woman you dream of to be beautiful,

The girl you think of to be desirable;

Well dressed and fashionable to be modern,

Quiet and demure to prove myself modest;

Obedient to prove myself worthy and humble,

Kind hearted to prove my worth and measure;

Careful so that I may speak only chosen words,

Polite to prove myself decent and cultured;

Young in age to keep my beauty and appeal,

Attractive or dramatic to earn your attention;

A Feminist to know and want self-respect,

Submissive to the power of my womb and know that

I, a woman and a mother, am the masterpiece of Nature.