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Introduction to the Poet:
Nidhi Sharma 
is senior editor at Ashvamegh as well as a Ph.D. research scholar. She loves to write poems which reflect the social realities in verse.



Strange are the ways of this world..
miles apart we dream the same.
Still my craving is different from yours..
Yesterday on red light I noticed
Two boys same age…
Looking at coloured balloons,
Moving with wind, tied to a stick.
Feelings were different however;
One wanted to get rid of them,
Other craved to get them…
Only thing that separated them was,


Blue Crayon

My sky was never painted too big
I always fell short of that colour
You…when i found
I felt my sky growing
I want to paint it large
And you my love are my BLUE CRAYON..
Paint my world large..
Stretch it infinite..
Colour my life be my Sky