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Introduction to the Poet:

Waheeda Khan is from Karwar in Karnataka. She is a Teaching Assistant at the Karnatak University P.G. Centre and teaches M.A. English students. She has been writing poetry for quite some time now. She has a book of poems published this year called ‘Frozen Smoulders’. One of her poems has been included in the Poetry Society India- Poetry completion 2015 winners and short listed printed in journal format.  Also one of her poems is a part of an anthology published by Prof. Manu Mangattan of Kerela. She loves literature and its various forms and usually writes with the pen name ‘Soulful heart’.


The Family Case

One day at the court
Came forth a strange case
The Plaintiff charged the defendant-
” She does not acknowledge her family”!!
Judge asked ” Who’s your attorney? ”
Defendant declared, her own case
Will be defended best, herself.
Judge gave a chance, so
Defendant began–
” Who are family?
Can these be my family?
Who never understood my twinkling hopes,
How can they be family?

Who never understood my speech of silence,
How can they be family?

Who never understood my breathe of contempt,
How can they be family?

Who never understood my wordless affection,
How can they be family?

Who never understood  the sadness behind my smile,
How can they be family?

Who never understood my look of hidden plea,
How can they be family?

Who never understood the suffocation of desires,
How can they be family?

Who forever tried to imprison my identity,
How can they be family?

Who forever prod an’ trod my defects,
How can they be family?

Who can never bear to see me at peace,
How can they be family?”

And the whole court laughed.
The prosecutor finally argued–
“Defendant expects miraculous qualities
That do not exist in this world.
Her complaint, hence
Itself must be declared illogical!!
Me Lord! It proves
She does not have, the
Civility of living in a family.
So, I request your honour
To punish the accused
With solitary confinement
And order, a severe psychiatric treatment!!!”

Today’s World

Orphaned soul in a toned body,
Burning heart within a smiling face.
Because —
— Every man, a hypocrite behind a mask;
— Every being, a maze of twisted persona;
— Every celebration, a darkness within Neon glow;
— Every face, a painted snap of an editing shop;
— Every step, a whirlwind of strife and toil;
— Every raindrop, a fresh kiss of rampant disease;
— Every conversation, a riddle of fake words;
— Every road, a choice in departure from emotions;
— Every happiness, a pain hidden behind a grin;
— Every sight, an un-quenching greed of envious wishes;
— Every moment, a search for goals an’ deadlines;
— Every conscience, a dark quarry of style an’ status;
— Every existence, a smoke rolled in deception;
— Every position, a step away from Almighty’s fear;
— Every aim, a race, ripping away sane boundaries;
— Every hope, a mistake, embracing the grave’s torture;
— Every city, every town, every hamlet
A shadow, suffering amnesia of its shroud an’ coffin.