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“The Unnamed”

Introduction to the Author:

Shafinaz Sikder is a course instructor in a private university of Bangladesh (United International University).  Shafinaz did her graduation and post-graduation on ELT and Applied Linguistics from BRAC University. In past, she has also worked in different private schools during her graduation program. At present, she is involved in researches and academic publications related to development of traditional materials to suit her students’ needs. She is also interested in designing different communicative materials to promote a communicative approach within the existing system of teaching English language courses.

It’s a slow lazy morning and Bella is planning to buy her partner a cake. It seems like two years have gone since they get closer to each other and never celebrated with a cake; the thought of which kept her awake at nights. Bella, being conscious about her partner’s choice, was therefore looking for a cake which will have a plain chocolate cover without any cream or any icing sugar coating; a cake without  any sorts of decorations actually. This kept her thinking for long hours, “the cake will be even more better if its just the size of a pastry”, she thought to herself, because that could be the only size which can be hardly preferred by the one for whom she has been planning all this. This is also not because it is their anniversary nor its meant to be one of their birthdays. Bella’s intention was just to take some photos together which they haven’t taken for so long. The cake was just an excuse; for which she had all these planning. Therefore, to make it happen, she put on the necklace she just bought with her partner’s money. Not only this, she also put on her new sandals; in case of make-up, she used a light lipstick and clipped her hair somehow funnily. It took about an hour for all these preparations and this time she carefully put the camera inside her bag and then started for the nearest and cheapest place for buying the cake. This is again because her partner could shout at her if the cake was expensive. The truth is she dreamt of buying something expensive, which will cross her monthly budget of course but made up her mind to go for the cheapest cake available at the store. Worried about the cost, soon she came to know that the bakery section was left with the last three cakes where the cheapest was around 450tk. Disappointed at the rate, she decided to move out…but the desire to take some photos together kept her holding back. After a long period of indecisions going inside her, she bought the cake and asked for the decorative creamer so that she can write out something sweet on the cake…she also planned that she will say that cake was of 400tk if asked; 50tk less than the original price. Making the payment as soon as she can, she hurried away to the nearest restaurant, where she kept waiting with inordinate excitement; to surprise her partner with the little tit bit. After an hour, her partner came and soon got mad at her silly expenditure. For no particular reason, her partner opened the box, got the cake out and cut it half and started eating it. She kept starring because her partner was not eating hungrily, rather eating it with the hope to finish it up as soon as possible. She could not take her eyes off; she was hurt though she understood. She understood that her partner did not like the fact that the cake had their names on it; she did not know how to react…she just closed her eyes…

The winter morning’s sunbeams touched upon her cheeks and Bella opened her eyes. It was 7.30 in the morning but the fog has already passed away making the sky a bit clearer which brought a big smile on her face. She turned on her left and noticed that her partner is getting under the pillow as a mark of angriness on the falling sunlight. Quickly she got up and turned down all the curtains getting back to the bed. The smile was back on her face, and she moved closer to her partner…closed her eyes….feeling the serenity of lying down beside someone…someone who is more than just special to her…someone for whom, no religion, society or tradition ever mattered to her. This is because her partner is the only one with whom she can remain calm, stable and contented…to such an extent that all the sacrifices would mean really less….And this is also because its not incomplete though it is unnamed…..