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Introduction to the Poet:

Karthik Sai Lakshman Yedavalli is an assistant professor in English Literature at K L University. Holding a graduation in Psychology and PG in English Literature, the poet is currently pursuing Ph.D. Major interests are in writing creative fiction in different genre.


My Abandoned Heaven

It’s all about the feel which I have got after remembering my home (my heaven),

Which I left 20 years ago, when I left my native place…

It’s the place where I have started the Journey of my life and also committed the first mistake of life i.e., forgetting…

It’s been twenty long years after I left my soul in the heaven,

The heaven where I found a lot of treasures,

Treasures that made to forget the pain of these twenty years,

Years galloped but it’s still the only heaven for me on this earth,

This earth guaranteed me that there is still life in the heaven abandoned,

Abandoned thoughts got relived with the presence of green lush,

Green lush everywhere but it’s all whimsical trees, which I’ve never seen,

Never seen even in my dreams but still I’m the happiest soul,

Soul which is brought back to the real world,

World where I am truly artificial, really unreal, happily unhappy…

Agony of a Calf

The words I heard and the agony my parent felt made me outraged,

I was out of control and I swam like a fierce bull,

Felt it was like heaven inside but realized it’s not so, as my mother and father are suffering outside,

Ill treatment faced by my parents was an alarming bell for me,

But my mother says nay and asks me to stay calm.

Yay! The day has come; I’m the Achilles to face the Trojans

My mother unleashed me, yeeeee…. Oh no!!!

Something is stopping me, may be the bondage of love, looked back, Noooo… (Tears)

It’s not our bondage; it’s a sheet of polythene around my neck squeezing back!!!

The adhesive of posters spreaded all over my body and I’m unable to move…eee…grrrr….uhhh….

A new world is awaiting… a lot is there…

I have to go there and do something for my parents…

Lot to face and challenge but this is obstructing me,

I will try because I have HOPE eeee….

I h..a..v..e..h..o..p…..  (The calf is dead)