When Herbert Read wrote in one of his essays that there is nothing new to be done under the Sun (I will take it in the terms of poetry), he was right. I do think so. Let’s have a look at what he has written in that essay:

“There is nothing new under the Sun, and all the greatest artist can do is to discover new arrangements of existing elements.”
(The Poet and the Film, from A Coat of Many Colours)

And I perfectly agree with his view here! As the practitioners of the noble art of creative writing, we have to give our words to the actions or thoughts which are there; which were there and which will be there – the ways of executing that action might change but the action will be the same.

I have seen many young poets and creative writers trying new and unconventional ways of expressing their emotions or thoughts and that is perfectly valid. Poetry, sometimes it seems, is an evolution which is going on without being ceased for a while. And this evolution has witnessed different forms, styles, expressions, metres, rhymes and so on… but the essence is always there – poetry has to deliver something which is important, not just for me and you but for you, he, she, they, I, we, Jack, Surendra, Clarissa and all!

My humble submission to all the young poets is the same. Do write poetry; write as often as you can and write as much as you can without taking a break if you wish. However, try writing something which is important and relevant even 20 years from now. Poetry should not only entertain but it should also enlighten, render thoughts in the minds of the readers.

I congratulate all the younger poets who have been selected for the issue of Ashvamegh this month! Keep the journey animated, my dear pen-friends!

With love always,

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