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Charles Joseph is an academician and a budding writer. His interests are Reading, Writing, Teaching and Listening to Music. Charles hails from Mysuru, a heritage city. His academic qualification and position to be socially responsible have made him the HoD of a Postgraduate Department at a very young age 28. He has also published two of his poems in an international journal recently.



I think of a time

Please remember I’m not telling a story

Neither I’m showing a story

If not I ………….they’re, we’re. ….you’re. …..some are telling a story

What I ……how to coin a word hmmmm! Ah! Oh! Yes! Yup! Che! Lol!

I coined tellshow

I will tellshow you, we, they, us and them will decode the code with the medium called society, coloured media, prototypes, pretexts, contexts, structure, ecriture, solemnity and yes the most needed ‘nirbhaya’ one GENDER. My tell show is to bring Angel Gabriel along with Lord Ganesha who are good tellers and writers too. The story has two girls and they were friends……oh reader! Oh urgent reader! the conclusion isn’t lesbianism. There were two boys……again, again, again, dear reader the conclusion isn’t Gay world or Randy Blue.


         There was a day when a man gave birth to a lady, most beautiful, caring, loving, delicate, sensitive, and sensual too from his ribs. He had twelve more for other women to come out. But one was sufficient trouble so the remaining found an eternal grave. Both toiled, worked, loved, prayed, lived together, together they  lived. They named me as me, I as I, you as you, earlier thou, them as thus, thy as you, art as are even modernism was named archaic.


        Body asked the bone “have you done all the work”.  The bone replied unlike the succulent juicy fruit the dripped dropped drop of juice of Autumn as ” yes body”. The bone asked the body, “have you any work left to give me” . He said yes I do have but your capacity is tested for 2000 years and later an answer is given. Oh…..! she never had a doubt of lifespan or of life as in itself. The discussion was to pack the luggage and vacate the place as both were asked to work in a new garden with bigger ideas for re-naming things. Body was packing the luggage, the luggage from the city to the garden didn’t need a few things but essentially needed a few things.

Bone asked the body, “shall I take a cup of sin”.

Bone replied, “leave everything here, it’s our past world, let not you carry anything by which it multiplies and we return here again. The cost of we getting back it will be more than imagined and perceived”.

Bone was a bit insolent to the unsupportive features of the body. Bone was angry, she grumbled with gritty teeth and redness in the eyes. Her murmur reached the red sky and the hard soiled earth, “what has he thought of himself, why should I listen to him always, for the sake he gave birth to me, why should he come close to me. Did I insist him to give birth to me”.

With all this grumbling, muttering and gritting both had brought the luggage of life and entered the garden.

A man more and most powerful than imagined and appeared stopped them. He had a precious smile and a confident, prayerful look in his pearly blue eyes. The man was named Gabriel, I’m sorry I’m telling a story. This tellshow isn’t awake. It’s about Id. Asked, “do you think you are eligible to get into the garden which was untouched by anybody”.

Body replied, “we are called to be servants here, the master of this garden has seen we both being sincere in our work and our truthfulness”. The man replied, “will you remain sincere as you are”.

He said,   “we will remain so forever,”

Will you remain so bone, he asked with a tone of suspicion than confirmation, bone was already seething in anger, she retorted with the contortion, “why do you judge me, who gave you the power to judge the servant. We are invited here because of our sincerity if we are sincere and faithful in a rocky terrain, won’t we be in a lushous plain like this. This place from the gate itself looks so splendid won’t it be amazing to be inside. I think being inside as in itself is a fortune of life, working here is a luxury to the nth degree”. The man was amazed to see the degree of utterances and tone of the words with indifference.  He asked, ” you speak too much bone, is it sensible to allow you into the garden, I have my opinion already in words. The bone replied if you suspect my nature before you know me in completeness what will the body tell which is a huge product of which I am a piece. I’m not complete by myself, I’m complete only when I join the body which has waves, energy, luxury, happiness. Do you know the difficulty, stress, trouble of a bone to multiply all the gestures of a body into another body and make it complete? I was born complete but I was remade to endorse a plan of which I have no clues.

The man observed them both and found that they neither had the scar of a vanishing tail nor of a troubled skin, nor of a wrinkled hair that has withered and vanished over a period of time.

Hey teller, the man at the gate asked the teller, “if body and bone are a result of evolution, then what’s the lifespan of those reptiles”. . .. I have heard it say they live longer than longer, so they’ve changed. . .. so if they live for a short while, then the chances to change is bleak.

Bone and body stepped into the garden, they both felt a change, a metamorphic change that happened, which was beyond words, it was a huge long gown that flowed from head to toe, covered their beings and non-beings, living and the dead. They both endured the noises of mechanics, amazement.  The garden was so full of emboldened voices and thoughts that never rejoiced on the certainty of consumerism.  Workmanship was necessary, to be frank, and bold than grumbling and complaints.  With all these, there appeared a voice which was full of truth, love, wisdom and power. The radiant tone was beyond the spirit. No being in the garden could forgo the sonorous but authoritarian voice, he was I AM. He told the body, “you are the crown of all things here; you have work from dawn to dusk, then four rivers guard and protect everything that is here. Nurture the land and never allow the wheat to mix with the tares nor the sheep with the goat nor the Guardians with the beings outside from where you were chosen”.

All of them were amazed to find each one’s tail kept safe with the other. The gardeners were also told, you should never claim that you own anything here before your behaviour changes; neither tempt anyone to eat anything that tempts nor be tempted.

The guardians were angry at the new Gardeners and their vendetta began with their chairs going dark and berserk. The fumes of anger reached the end, which was not in the protocol.

Days later, no it will be time, moons later, no it would be time again. After harvesting the best and the best and the best, there came a time when bone who had grown strong and hard, body had grown huge and large, time had never begun. The apples were luscious and juicy than ever, the pomegranates were tempting than anything, the apricot was more wondrous than ever. Time never began. The bone sat and cleaned and ate and worked and plumed every part of the body. The body felt the bone has started going awry. But the sense was manageable.

Once an Apple tree had too many apples fallen on the ground. The guardians had never claimed to be neither the owners nor the workers. Each one saw his work, never muddled with the work of the bone but were always in company with the body. The trees, animals, birds, species, reptiles, never caressed bone but loved the company of body. Everything came to the claim, the cup filled beyond the words, it overflowed for what was unnecessary.  Seeing all this I AM calls the body and the bone and asks, “do you have any issues”. Both said yes, ” bone said a long list of complaints as the guardians never speak to me, they never rever my work, the animals never cuddle me, no one respects my words“. I AM said, anything else, body, the body replied, nothing as a complaint with my body and another body my master, but the bone burns the bone. I AM said that it was rather a better you do your bone, as it’s your duty if you detest your work it means that you claim it to be its owner, which against the rule of the land. If I allow you to stay here and work, then your ownership of land will turn into love, then hate then claim its ownership,  then destroy and turn the garden unlike the land outside. So I claim it better to ask the body, what do you want, the body said, I need no other than the bone. With fear, these words from body came with trembling and shiver. I AM heard it as I need another bone. He made the bone get into the body and after a moon he saw, a new bone came in front of him. The body was perturbed to see a bone which was different and unique.  He shouted to I AM and asked where is my bone. I AM replied this is your bone, you said that you another need the bone, but the angry body said I need no other bone. I AM felt now the body is claiming the ownership of the bone, if I destroy the body, the innocent bones will find a certain death. I AM said, you cannot claim that you are the owner of the bone, the rule that applied to the bone applies to you as well. The body was miserable for the lost bone, New bone, time and story and I AM felt that I claimed the ownership of the garden,  Body and bone.