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Ritobina Bandyopadhyay, from Kolkata, is a graduate student who is studying Botany as her main subject. She loves reading and writing fiction.


And years after they met again...

The icy cold December’s wind made him shiver even in his two layered sweaters and jacket as he was turning the pages of a newspaper. When he looked up, a pinch of happiness covered up his gloomy face as he found a familiar face giggling in the small crowd gathered on the board near the door of the train.  As she looked into him, memories got flashed in his eyes which sent a sudden ache in his heart. She gave a calm smile and approached him with an expression of overjoy; it wasn’t because she saw him again after years but because she was getting married with the love of her life.   When she handed the wedding card and insisted his presence on the day, his heart sank and he didn’t know the reason. As she left, he seemed to be little engrossed in thoughts;   years back he left her for being happy only to realise that he has lost his happiness.