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Introduction to the Poet:

Ishika Rawat is a Class 11th student, currently studying at Amity International School, Sector-46, Gurugram. She started writing only 2 years back and has really enjoyed it a lot. Poetry has become an important part of her life since then and has enabled her to portray thoughts in a beautiful and shareable manner. She welcomes criticism as well as appreciation.





Looking on the other side,

I see the world anew.

The blueness of the sky,

The redness of the Sun,

The chirping birds; over the trees they flew.

Nature’s beauty felt all around,

Leaving me breathless and astound.


The vast sky, soon replaced by the bottomless ocean,

Where shiny ships and dinghy boats are seen in motion.

Kids running around on the sandy beach,

Guardians resting, sipping a lemonade each.


Then comes the Metropolitan Towns,

With their busting crowd and ladies in expensive gowns.

Industries are seen from where the blackness rose,

The smoke filled air burns the nose.

And not a speck of nature’s beauty is seen,

The acts of man uncaring, selfish and mean.


Oh You worthless Human, when will thou be satisfied?

Annihilating and destroying all in your path,

Neither friend nor foe escapes your wrath.


Looking on the other side,

I see the world anew.

The destruction of mankind by man himself,

Is something everybody knew.

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