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Sabeet is associated with Ashvamegh since its inception. He is the person responsible for literary awareness in his country and helping literature enthusiasts connecting with Ashvamegh.



(Closed Parentheses)


(Look to the sky)

(It is empty tonight)

(No sun to be seen, no feeling to be felt)

(It dies, the night, like a whiterring just)

(A crippling justice in hands of men)


(For I cry tonight, to the growing existence)

(So I cry tonight, to the glowing insistence)


(“Why must I strive, like a golden fish?”)

(“Why must I bound, myself, in within”)


I am free

Like those before me

And before god

For we, truly, are the essence

Of free men

And the unbound

Like an empty sky,

A deserted stage


“Why must I follow?”

(“Why conform?”)


When it does no good, but deform ()

Shall I not find?

The unfounded stars

The unfound beings?

(Shall I be controlled!?)




(Closed to these parentheses?)

(Shall I?) Why!?


Let me be free, like the golden star

That shines to will


And dies to vibe

The fearless babe

The day he is born

Fearless to breath

To live

To find

Let me break these closed parentheses.