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Dattasmita HV is an avid and creative writer, having her interests in philosophy. She has completed her Masters in Computer Application and served as a Software Engineer for past five years. She has presented many papers at National and International Conferences including a handful of publications in ISBN and ISSN and attended the workshops and seminars. She is a very active person having been as a resource person and handled sessions in Personality development and Interview Skills. A successful poet, having received honours from dignitaries. She is keen in the Indian culture and religion and exploring the imbibed heritage. She has written poetries in Kannada, English, Hindi and Sanskrit. She even has the interests in creating songs in her own lyric and music.



Bed of Roses

Though Journey began

With certain gain

The question remain is

Can I afford the Bed of Roses?


Nor a candle runs long

Nor a care be too hard

Nor the beginning can be End

Does the misery pretend?


Nor a Rose is without Thorn

Now a pen is without Needle

Nor a life is without dream

Does the smile accustom?


Life is a barren land

Harder the way ahead

Still a question remains

Can I afford a Bed of Roses?



Is the destiny Alive!

Nor you are so far

Nor you are close a while

Is the destiny alive!


Not the end is so bliss

Not the beginning so white

Is the destiny alive!


Nor the failure behold

Nor the success ahead

Is the destiny alive!


Nor the smile on the lips

Nor the hope in the heart

Is the destiny alive!


Nor the fly is so high

Nor the journey regret

Is the destiny alive!

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