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Jacob is certainly a beginner in poetic expression, literary speaking. Loving the arts seems to come with a price, a type of price he’s willing to be indebted to. A vacant wallet perched on a dry pallete; the most recent addition to his masterful collection of contemporary art. Twenty-four years of age coincides, fittingly, alongside the conundrum of other debilitating notions in Jacob’s young mind. Growing pains keep him in good humour. If it hurts, it works (hopefully). That’s neither here nor there, but now an idea about how his thought process works may surface. Jacob enjoys all forms of poetry, but the current editorial disinterest (generally speaking) in rhyming poems is distasteful for him. He once said, “There’s something so eloquent and traditional about thoughts and words flowing into a rhythmic pulse.”.





I took a boat ride,

Just you and I.

Into the blue

And the rippling sky.


Knew not where I was going,

Only that I needed to leave.

Ushered by the current

With a bolstering breeze.


A vexed complexion

Of that swollen gray lid.

Starless night,

I transcended into it.


Swallowed the lump,

Leaving a vacant throat.

Lost that void

I never came to know.


Fasted eyes,

Taught how to see.

Inside the blue

Brought you to me.




Tamed Beast


Never felt more dismayed

Than waking up to an open cage.

No mate, no pride,

Nowhere to hide.

Land that screams.

Calling for me.

Forgotten the name

That guided my way.

Teeth that knew flesh.

Now I sleep with my catch.

A bitter taste

Of a once dreamt of place.

Soil I once knew

Now forever blue.

Wishes that were once unsaid

Have walked from my head.

Bear not this reality

That has taken ahold of me.

Can’t savor with eyes

What must be left behind.

I will never again be free

Without chains on my feet.

To fly among the clouds

Would make these wings proud.

I won’t soar above the sea

Without you controlling me.

Losing my only direction.

No longer your greatest weapon.

Being part of your circus

Gave untamed life purpose.

Your beastly muse,

Now of no use.

Conformed to your ways.

Enjoyed all the pain.

The moons kiss won’t help

How you freeing me felt.

I’ll grow back my wings and horns

To once again be adored.

Loving you has made me bleed.

You lost taste in this beast.

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