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Reading literature is a joy, no doubt! However, at times, students and enthusiasts do need some critical evaluation of the literature they like. Our research & essays section serves the same purpose. Read the selection of essays and literary papers to understand aspects of literature as well as some quality reading pleasure!

Happy Reading
The Ashvamegh Team

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(You will see the full title of a paper once you click on it and go to the page)

Sonali Ganguly                                    Men-women Relationship in Six Acres and a third & Paraja

C Praveen Kumar                                Power, Sex and Subjugation in Disgrace by Coetzee

T. H. Basvaraj                                       Naipaul’s India and Million Mutinies

Alpana Khobra                                    Paper on Black Skin and White Mask

Asha Jacob                                           Oscar Wilde’s Objective Correlative 

T. H. Basvaraj                                      Naipaul’s India and Wounded Civilization