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Introduction to the Poet:

Shalini Mund hails from Sambalpur, Odisha. She has completed her B.E in Electrical Engineering from Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology. She is working in Pinnacle Infotech Ltd. She began writing when she was 15 and she mostly writes about feministic perspectives.




Dew dried up to become pearls,

the grasses were stained pale yellow,

and the field grew old age farm,

as the spring was gone and summer had come,

a wind had blown away my golden fur,

it was lost among the galaxy of corn…



I took a halt,

sprayed my sight all over,

searched for a drop of water in the sea,

but all i found was

essence of my fur

felt everywhere…

Suddenly a strong force pulled me aside,

and i was down in no time,

threatened by the volcanic eyes and

thundering voices crowding me…



They were jeweled with anaconda long rods,

having few microns, round tips,

and kilometers long.

the buzz was abruptly covered

with mourn silence,

when they tied my limbs with chained,

and fixed, the pin-top rod under the chin…



As i closed my eyes,

sensing the end nearer,

dreamed of being carried away on time’s wagon,

it took me to a corn field nearby,

where dew were water and

field was greener. I

saw me playing with my fur,

that was sparkling among the background…



Aah!! it was painful,

it clinched into my body,

and tore my chest apart.

It started flowing, the blood,

yes its yellow but not red.

When it swamped on the ground,

sun rays were making it more dazzling,

and it was making their

lofty job more struggling…



Cutting the bone cage,

that was fueling their rage,

finally they got the core, my heart,

which was still beating,

in the memory of that fairy tale…



My lips widened a little,

when i saw the fur again,

my heart stopped beating in their hands,

as if it was waiting for the golden fur,

for a final good bye

that evening!


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