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Introduction to the Poet: 

Sabeet Raza is a poet and aspiring author based in Pakistan. He is also associated with Ashvamegh Magazine.


Anatomies of Dying Beings


The gross odour of a dying man

Is not so gross itself


What is worse

Is that

of a rotting one



To rot

One must die first


Unfortunately, not a lot of us know death

We assume


And resume


We don’t ponder

We aren’t skeptics


We just assume

What death is


The gross odour does not come

from a corpse


They are buried long before they rot


It comes from the man

or the woman,

or just a wretched being

That dies alive



Or two

or as many as you can count

because so many there are


Who forgot to seize the day

And to profess his love to that fay


also the ones who let their deadlines pass

amongst the ones who said “tomorrow!”

just like

the procrastinators

the haters

the envious


analogic to the weaker lion

who gets ripped and eaten

sometimes even by prey

but this time

By time


The gross odour of a rotting man

Is not so gross itself

For he is buried

before he rots


It is the odour of a man rotting

while he lives

sorry, no- he exists


without purpose and effort


and even an attempt


whose odour in truly unbearable.

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