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About the Poet:

Siddhant Bist lives in Dehradun, the capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand located near the Himalayan foothills. He has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Psychology and Sociology. He likes to observe nature and watch the constellations at night.

The Universe

The universe, and hence we, are composed of,
Particles so small that we can’t see them.
Billions of cells live and die,
As we, as a person evolve.

Evolve into a being capable of morality.
A being that thinks about the stars, the moon, the sun,
And all the other life around him in infinite forms and colors.

A being who is content.
A being who is satisfied.
A being who feels.
And yet, he is just one,
Among the infinite.

His perspective blinds him,
It does not let him see.
But he knows,
That it can also let him see,
More than he saw before.

Like how a writer’s words can make him think,
How a musician’s music can make him feel.
A painter’s painting can inspire,
How a philosopher’s wisdom can make him wiser.
And how someone’s sorrow can make him compassionate.

Words written far away,
Music made in silence.
Paintings painted with feelings,
Wisdom that came from experience.
And sorrow, which is ever-present.

Astonishing nebulae in the eyes.
A cluster of stars in the white sand.
A spiraling galaxy in a flower.
A supernova in a firework.
A universe in a drop.

The universe, and hence we are composed of,
Particles so small that we can’t feel them.
Billions of cells live and die,
As we, as a person evolve.
Evolve into a being, destined for greatness.

A Day to Live

Can you imagine?
What you would do,
If you had but a day to live?

Try and think, imagine,
That you’d be gone tomorrow.

What would you do?
What would you achieve?
What would you try to accomplish?

What would you change?
What things would you set right?

All the comfort, all the riches,
Would become meaningless.
What would we gather then?

We’d perhaps meet our families,
Our friends and loved ones.

Ask for forgiveness maybe.
Accept the inevitable,
Give in, yield.

Be content and satisfied.
Feel a sense of fulfillment,
With the current moment,
With the present circumstances,
Whatever they maybe.

Happy, that we were given this chance,
To explore and experience.

Little things would hold great meaning then,
We’d no longer take things and people for granted.
Things that were dull and tedious before,
Would become compelling and exciting.
Life would hold a profound meaning then.
We’d become curious for every single little thing around us.

We wouldn’t fight then,
We wouldn’t hoard riches,
Wouldn’t do no evil then,
What would be the point?
We’d die tomorrow anyway.

It would make sense,
To leave this place in the best possible condition,
And to be and to leave at peace.

I know what he’d do,
If he had but a day to live,
He’d live his last day,
The way he lives every day.

Lights out, goodnight.

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