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Dr. Kusumita Mukherjee is a teacher, a passionate short story writer. Her stories have been published in The Times of India and in the e-journal Muse India. Her Ph. D. thesis is titled “Negotiating Postmodernity: the Novelistics of Walker, Morrison, Naylor and Shange”.  Her Ph. D. was awarded in March 2017 under Rabindra Bharati University. As a teacher of English at the undergraduate level she has earned over nine years experience teaching at Kalyani Mahavidyala. She is also academic counselor at IGNOU’s Kanchrapara Study Center.



Monsoon Poems

When Rains Seem to Conspire


Oh no! This cannot be happening

I had to be on time

And now I am muddy all over.

How will I ever make it?


People are ever on the look out

Waiting for that one opportunity

To snatch the limelight from me

And be at its center instead.


Rain has no sense of time at all

I have already got an overdose of problems

Now rain had to play havoc too.

My schedule just goes haywire.


The roads will be waterlogged indefinitely

Traffic will come to a standstill

Any bird would be confused with the view below

Multicoloured metallic snakes conjoining at their heads.


I could never tolerate the monsoons

Now it seems even more obnoxious

Adding up to my woes

Couldn’t it have been a little more sympathetic?


When Rains Seem a Blessing

Afternoon rain—-

It has to be nature’s way of relaxing careworn people.


The food is cooked and eaten

Clothes are almost dry

The child is back from school

The husband yet to return

In short, the rush hour is over.


Nap does not seem necessary

The sound of the showers is refreshing enough

My insight into the ‘Rhythm Divine’

The tickled heads of plants

A balm for the eyes.


Who knows when again my soul will luxuriate?

My moments in this afternoon rain

Unplanned nameless bliss

Impeccably delicious.


I am beyond joy when it pours

The wet laundry can go to hell

I immerse my senses in the cool air

Let the roads be waterlogged till doomsday, what do I care?


I have my window all to myself

To curl up and just watch

Soak in the festival of greenery

Forget just for a while how difficult life is otherwise.



Felicity is GST Free

It’s easy to be happy

In your heart you know that even the worst day will be over

There will be many others instead

They might not be idyllic at least not be unsavory either.


The maddening routine of life

Barely lets us breathe

Let alone have time to reflect

Have hopes for a better tomorrow.


So laugh whenever you can

Smile when you see a puppy roll on the grass;

Warm your heart in sync with the warm glow of sunrise;

Cool your overworked brain when you see water beads lining a leaf.


You cannot predict your pleasures

No matter how much you labour.

It’s the knottiest mystery

Hidden in the coils of time.


So let your soul flutter

Do not bypass a single opportunity to have felicity

Sense the mindless joys that God has scattered all around

None bearing price tags.

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