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Creativity comes to Riya Sachdeva naturally and her words become the most appropriate companions for her creativity and thus, the poetry is met! At a very early stage of her life, Riya is a graduate student studying Journalism and Mass Communication. Her poetry is like a search for something strange and which does never cease… it carries on. You can find her poetry at its best in her one liners as well as the longer ones. When not writing, she is also a photographer in making! Enjoy her poems below! 

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Strange Romance of The Moon & The Night


Though the azure sky

with ruddy hue in the morning

bestowed optimism and rawness,

and yellow light of the noon

always unveiled a pure energy,

and the evening empyrean was

an arena of strange newness,

the days never fascinated her!

She always flew with nights!

Her theories were far away

of the comprehension of this world.

Some eccentric essence of love and chaos!

And her imagination was free and wild

whenever she thought

about the romance of moon and night.

Bitter strange waves ran through her body

and left her numb, even in summer’s twilight!


She used to gaze the moon at night,

effulgent amidst the twinkling stars.

And stars, she felt, shared with her

all the mysterious talks

even being so far!

Stars told her how the moon cascades from sky

holding hand of his beloved night.


The moon blazed in queer radiance

as he met his beloved.

And for their bathetic meeting,

stars twinkled to decorate the bride (night)

She witnessed how they both lose

in the eyes of one another,

Oh the love that they christened

without knowing about the arrival of morning light!

And this is how she witnessed

the royal affair of dark and bright!


Silent introspection!


After his suggestion,

I decided to look

into the mirror.

Maybe, it was just

to introspect…

and I met her;

the another of me!

She was staring back


with a strange glare

in her big brown eyes.

I smiled, as she smiled!

I forgot… I was looking at

another of me,

and felt as if she

wanted to talk!

No words,

no voices to be heard

it was just a silent talk!

After hours, I realised

what has happened!

I was left amazed;

for a while.

Now, I want to thank ‘him’

For giving me,

those moments of smile!


And one day, suddely


Sitting perplexed near the trees
depressed and frustrated
just counting the days and months to pass,
I came across them!

Tiny stars were treading on the land!
Yes, the beautiful packets, bathed in liveliness,
spreading golden smiles, leaving everyone amazed,
forgetting their grave pains
and cherishing affair with life!

The little future Kalam’s are
still deprived of education!

Something compelled me
to smile back, as they smiled.
Their beautiful brown faces were
as golden as divine.

I asked them if they could help
in the process to learn and teach.
Their consent was an approval
for my pain to fleech!


Strange Contemplation!


Sitting on the terrace, I was thinking of you!

I looked towards the moon –  

the golden-half moon,

peeping through the black clouds.

Silent night. No voice.

Just the thought of you!

Ah! Something was there…

Some strange force. Silent and invisible.

It made me think quietly.

Bit deeper. And deeper…

I felt something was missing.

Though the cold wind was blowing.

Yet I was not free from chaos.

No relaxation. Not at all.

And I was left to thought,

“What disturbs you?”

No answer did my heart give!

All blank and all black.

Sitting there perplexed, finally, I slept!


When I will Miss you the most!


When the radiance of Almighty will

sing the voice of my heart,

everyone will come to know our story.


The wind witnessing the fragrance of

our memorable company,

will that time green the wound of my soul!

When the dark clouds will smash my hope;

and ruin my palatable desire,

that time, I will miss you the most!


When the stars in the sky will not be mine

and will be twinkling brightly over others

the time, when moon will be accompanying me alone

and I will be lonely in the crowd –

yeah! I will be missing you the most.


When my heart will be overburdened with this ache

and my name too shall be listed as a poet,

I will be surely celebrating

the anniversary of our memories.

Surely, I will be crying to relieve them

and it will be the time when I will be missing you the most!


When poetry initially caught me!


She compelled me to feel against her.

The alchemistic brand wrapped tight in alphabets.

Oh, God!

I had to touch the royal blue ink

and white ruled sheets of paper,

both emitting a spanking new deodorant.


I flinched at the very touch of her rich silky melody

as she tried to cuddle every single inch of my body,

my wounded soul fluttered on every smooth caress.


I wanted to stop her. But she being so influential

dominated me. Fondled my hair.

My neck… she tinkered smooth kisses on my neck!

And with every bitter blow of rough wind,

I was fenced in her trap.



She was venomous and yet I was attracted to her.

I drank her poison as nectar!

She tortured me to the extent that I felt suffocated.

I breathed heavily.

I had sleepless nights but was badly inclined.

Can’t recognise that she was a demon and fell in love!

And till date, I am honoring an affair with her.

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