Can exploration in any field ever cease to be? Except the rarest of the circumstances, the answer must be no! Exploration is something which has kept the human race indulged on this planet we call earth. Our very urge for exploration makes us different from the non-living as well as other living beings (including human beings who just complete the period between birth and death). My exploration in the field of literature began with Ashvamegh and kept moving at a pace steady and progressive. Today, I have a good news to share with all my readers. Very soon, a new poetry magazine will be launched which will publish once in two months! All the subscribers will receive the email once the magazine is announced.

For this issue, I am thankful to Alan Britt and also Geoffrey Himes who has made the valuable contribution to the magazine. To all the contributors whose works have been selected, I extend my best wishes and all those who want to be a part of the coming issues, please keep your contributions coming. The Ashvamegh Team is more than delighted to have the contributions from creative and academic writers.

To the Indian readers of Ashvamegh, I would like to share the joy of Deewali and hope the festival of light must have been brighter and pleasant for all!

Keep exploring the realms with words and keep the creativity at work always. Best wishes!

With love always,

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