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her voice…


Jayshree Misra Tripathi is an ‘arranger of words’ and a nomadic teacher since 1983. She received a Master of Arts Degree in English (Literature) from Delhi University and a PostGraduate Diploma in Human Rights Law from NLSIU, Bengaluru. Jayshree worked briefly in the print media in the 1980’s and has been an examiner in English for the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Her late husband was a foreign service officer in India’s civil services. She has lived and sometimes taught overseas – across three continents, in diverse cultures – wherever vacancies existed and were permissible. Her interests include human rights for all and world ‘news and views’. She considers herself to be a constant learner. Her recent works have appeared on Huffington Post India Blogs & News18 Blogs.Published works include “The Sorrow of Unanswered Questions”, “Dilemma and Scattered Weaves “, “Tales in Verse from India for Children Everywhere.”



SHE with the sorrowful eyes…

In the midst of shadows at dusk, alone

From morn till eventide,

Tears somehow blur her vision

Inside this space she calls home.


The sudden nip in the air-

A Comet’s trail-

Foretells an ancient norm,

Karma, the sages proclaim

Cannot be undone.


Grey in her hair now, fingers knotted

Time scurries on,

Stirring void spaces, where her children once shone.

Echoes of words flitter and flutter,

Their nuances engraved in stone.


The hours toll by, SHE lies awake

To realign her LIFE, if she just may.

And travel to places, others fear to tread.

SHE stands tall now, secure in her knowledge,

Just in judgement, yet still forlorn.


SHE yearns to help others
Those in distress –

With no connections to high places,

Or financial thrones –

Bullied for their conditions at birth.


SHE scribbles strong words-

On willful wrongdoings

Outspoken against didactics-

Complacent refrains,

A powerful voice in a tiny domain.


Clarion calls, SHE answers promptly –

No issue too small to neglect,

Bringing solace

To forgotten faces, unheard of names,

Infusions of unfamiliar change.


SHE is an anchor now, a guiding light.

Allays apprehensions, seeking solutions

Without abrasions.

Fearless now, in the old realm of shadows,

She clamours for justice, rights for the oppressed,

A journey has changed its pace.

SHE with the sorrowful eyes now smiles- it lights up her face-

HER true colours will ever shine on……….


True Colours – Song by Cyndi Lauper in 1986, written by Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly

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