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at the roots…


Vandana Sharma is a researcher by profession. She currently resides in New Delhi and originally hails from Himachal Pradesh. Poetry writing is her hobby. She participates in online poetry forums and likes to try different poetic forms. Her work has appeared in Harvests of New Millennium and has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming issue# 2 (fall 2017) of Sky Island journal.


The Tiny Seed


The tiny seed,

knows not of its power,

that sleeps within.


Fertile ground,

its nurturing sound,

a home the tiny seed has found.


Rainy love,

from skies above,

drenches the seed,

shaping its need.


Buds sprout,

happily spring out,

a labour of love.


Shoots gaze,

to the blue yonder with maze,

dreaming of it unfazed.


The tree rises,

step by step

up and up.


The power of seed,


this tree holds.


A story of faith,

the tiny seed unfolds.

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