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Sabeet Raza

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I’m seventeen, and I was a hopeless romantic. Surprisingly, despite my ephemerally blatant repudiation of the concept, I’ve much again fallen prey to another romance. It isn’t, however, just love- it is a passion, an obsession, an undying thirst of curiosity – never to be quenched. It is a cumulation of human and passion, one worth romanticising but I can not. Not one of the two, at least.

My life story is pretty much just a bunch of complications so I’ll spare you the boring continuum of tragedies and rare fortuitous occurrences.

What I will tell you, though, is that I began my journey with Ashvamegh before it was even conceived. I started off with some poetic submissions on a Poetry website for the first edition of the journal after which, my now good friend, Alok, approached me with an offer to carry on Ashvamegh’s good work across the border in Pakistan. Notorious for our political disputes, Pakistan and India aren’t the most friendly nations when it comes to looking East or West of our respective borders. These disputes and controversies, in my opinion, are mere political exploitations by external and political factors for acts of cynicism. Thus, I took the offer, and now am trying to serve Ashvamegh and the two nations to the best of my capacity.

In my opinion, Ashvamegh is an idea that hosts much more ambition than many. To start a literature magazine in a region where literature is much underrated and then achieving the success that we have so far, I, honestly, am proud to be part of Ashvamegh’s team- though most and much all the credit goes to Alok and his team of editors!

Anyhow, I was, up till last week, pursuing International Baccalaureate at Jerudong International School, Brunei but now, due to some logistical complications- I shall be shifting back to Aitchison College, Lahore- to join an A-Level program. I shall not say much about this specific event but this, that the aforementioned shall definitely stop me from celebrating the last year of my High School life with my friends and family. To many, this may be some bit of an emotional crisis, and I confess it is so to me too. However, for a writer, it is much more than just that, it is an experience worth cherishing, one worth learning from.

And that is what I believe, a writer should do. Not only feel but observe one’s own emotions and use them to convince the world of the possibility of hope and humanity.

So far, in my small and limited expedition, I have been published by seven different newspapers including India Latest News and Madtya Post in India, The Express Tribune and Daily Times in Pakistan, and the Moroccan Times in Morocco. I intend to and so far have, used these platforms to speak my mind on issues of grave urgency. I hope to continue to do so and with Ashvamegh Journal, inspire love and kindness across borders. Furthermore, I am an aspirant author and my book is on the verge of completion. I hope to have it out for the public soon!

Also, as far as my favourites are concerned, I love work by Albert Camus, Joseph Conrad, Fitzgerald, Angela Carter and Khaled Hosseini.

Besides all the literature, I love the sport and am a squash fanatic and cricket enthusiast with some good basketball days.

All that said, if you ever have any queries, feel free to e-mail us and keep those submissions coming! Literature can make much more a difference than many actually believe!