Bharat My Dream Country by Gaurav Joshi

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by – Gaurav Deepakbhai Joshi

Published in January 2016, Issue XII


Our country India is a Secular Country. We have been blessed with natural assets like mountains, oceans, gardens, landscape, valleys etc; We live together in our society and share our experience with each other as we believe in


“Vasudheva Kutumbakam “



Even a small part of our Country celebrates infinitefestivals together. This shows our UNITY.But when I peeped closely, I found it ridiculous. Looking at the current scenario of our country there are many pit holes on the land. Some of them are:Pollution, Terrorism, Corruption, Robbery, Murders, atrocity against women and girls and many more…

The most shocking thing is that all this acts are not decreasing compared to previous decades but are increasing like a BRANCH OF BANYAN TREE.



So I think My Dream country – BHARAT will be free from all above acts. Also it would have Good Economy, Education, and Health and should emerge as a developed country.The environment of Bharat will be free from the harmful gases. To do so is not a simple but also not an impossible thing. People should have a strong feeling of protecting environment in the bottom of their heart. They should plant more trees and stop deforestation. The industries shouldn’t dispose harmful chemicals and gases without decomposing them. Any source on the land producing harmful agents should be curbed.It can be done more easily by spreading awareness and setting up an Organization having a goal of saving our environment. Employees should be deeply interested in saving the future of us, rather than doing their job for salary.



Terrorism is a Burning problem in the World. But it will be eradicated from Bharat by feeling the love for other countries. All the Organization giving training to all misledyouths should be banned. Also, they should be given Psychological lectures to love others and maintain peace.All the culprits, who can take lives of innocent people, would be given a sentence to death or a long term jail. The cases such as Robbery, Murder and Rape would be given verdict in a Fast Track Court rather than lounging for 5-10 years.But one thing is Important that,


“Non Violence is the best Weapon”


Thus until it is possible to solve the case by non violence violent methods shouldn’t be used.

The major problem our country facing is the deadly Corruption. Corruption is the only factor that hinders the Development. Also it is the same problem which leads towards all the problems.



But Bharat would be devoid of Corruption as it would believe in saying:





So to stop Corruption,passing of Anti Corruption Bill would be secondary thing. But the prime is, it shouldn’t be started by us. It is not only at the higher level but it is also done by common men like us. We should feel shame while giving and receiving Bribe.

It would be an important task which must be fulfilled to emerge Bharat as a SUPER POWER.The Politics in our country is very dirty. Though, there would be parties in the Bharat, but their members would be Honest. Once the leader of a country or region is elected then he/she will decide his/her team for ruling. Once the leader is found guilty, then he/she would be punished immediately and would be given Resignation letter.



Also the level of Education and its importance would be higher in Bharat. As India is known for her ancient Scholars, Bharat would be known for its Scientist.Tospread awareness in a country, free education would be given to the students having really poor financial background. The Education would be such that it would neither give stress nor would be panic to students. Equal Importance to both Theory and Practical would be given so that they can apply their concepts to mould an Invention. The Education Loan would be given to the students. The Education would be such that overseas student would be migrating to Bharat.

The Citizens of Bharat would be having Loyalty,Discipline, Manners, Respecting Elders and Womens. They will have magnificent Etiquettes which would help them to enjoy their life.

This all can be cultivated by comparing themselves with the leading Personalities on this beautiful Planet.



The Citizens of Bharat would be Healthy, So that they can perform their Karma of life. An hour of Exercise daily would keep them fit. Also an Environment is fresh; hence it would boost their health. The Fresh Food would be provided to them. So health of the Citizens of Bharat would be a par.The Developed Bharat will not only have developed Urban but also Rural areas.  Water facilities, Land Reforms and Land Acquisition Act would be given Importance in Villages for Farmers.



The Infrastructure of Bharat would be scientifically and technically Designed one. All the necessary facilities will be given to all the citizens and government will also take into consideration that this facilities are not misused.Bharat would be economically stable as all citizens coming under certain criteria would be paying tax. The Trade and Business would also be done with ethics.  Economically Bharat will be stronger as it will allow Foreign Direct Investment. So foreigners will be lured towards Golden land of Bharat due to its Infrastructure,Development and Safety.


The Culture of India for which it was known wouldn’t be compromised in Bharat. As we are known for Dressing, Worshiping God and Goddess, Respecting Elders etc. One should remember,





So don’t try to change with situations, but adjust situation according to us.


The Media will play an effective role in Bharat. If Citizens or Politicians are making any crime, then media would be exposing it to Society. Media is the only way by which the leaders of Bharat will fear, as they may open their SECRETS OF CHAMBER.

Though it’s a mammoth task,I Hope that, one day A Country Bharat would form as per saying;





Gaurav JoshiIntroduction to the Author:

Gourav Joshi is a passionate and amateur writer. He has completed B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Gandhinagar Institute of Technology. He is active on blogger He is open minded and accepts suggestions.

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