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Dear author, welcome to the book promotion world of Ashvamegh! We have so much to offer; we have so many strategies for your book’s success; we have so much energy to invest to get you the best returns. Ashvamegh will help you as an author to reach directly to the readers and also promote your book across the web to create awareness, readership and eventually, enhance the sales. Our book promotion strategies are time-tested, trusted and successful. Many authors have already taken advantage of Ashvamegh platform to give their books the digital exposure. It’s your turn now! Don’t wait in the queue; stand apart and stand tall!

What do we do? 

Book Reviews

We own expertise in doing book reviews with assured web presence. We have many mainstream websites for our book reviews as well as a chain of book bloggers for further strengthening your book’s digital space.

Social Media

Ashvamegh has a team of qualified & energetic Social Junkies who ensure your book reaches the maximum number of book lovers. We target Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and all other platforms.

Amazon & Goodreads

Amazon & Goodreads are suitable platforms to reflect a book’s success by book review counts &¬†ratings. We deploy our skilled influencers to make that happen for you. Our strategies will fetch you the best results.

Offline Activities

Ashvamegh does not only promote your book online but also makes things going offline. We make and execute strategies side-by-side with the author and do various offline jobs to reach the target readers.

Our Book Promotion Packages

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Purchasing the Packages:

Please click the link in the footer of any of the packages you want to purchase. On the next page, you will see the details on how to pay and other things. For example, if you want to purchase Impressive Package, please click on ‘Impressed?’.